Michael Kors Wonderlust Sublime fragrance captures the essence of an idyllic beach holiday according to Gigi Hadid

Michael Kors Wonderlust Sublime fragrance captures the essence of an idyllic beach holiday according to Gigi Hadid

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Text: Emily Heng

Nothing is quite as bittersweet as when a much-needed vacation comes to an end. On one hand, there is no place like home. On the other, there's unpacking (groan) and the inevitable post-holiday slump. You know the one: we're talking feelings of despair, discontent, and defeat that descends upon the realisation that day-to-day life just can't compare. Coping mechanisms may include day drinking (hehe), planning for our next trip, and spritzing on a fragrance that takes us back to the sun-lit days of holiday bliss. Lately, that scent is Michael Kors' Wonderlust Sublime.

Described as a holiday-in-a-bottle by face of the campaign, Gigi Hadid, Wonderlust Sublime is warm and spicy, more than capable of whisking us back to our fantasy island of blue skies and placid seas. Think: tiare flower wafting in the wind with a hint of spicy amber and tonka bean. "Our Wonderlust fragrances are all inspired by the journey and the indulgence of an impromptu escape," the man himself, Michael Kors, explains. "With Sublime, we wanted to take that idea and really focus on that time of day when the sunlight turns golden — we wanted to recreate golden hour and the endless possibilities that come with it."

It is an intriguing concept — and one that brings forth more questions than answers. Luckily, we got to speak to the legend himself on the inspiration behind the Wonderlust Sublime, his relationship with Gigi, and his love for travel. Brace for takeoff, ladies.

What was your first vacation, and what was it like?
I'm not sure what my very first one was — my grandparents were world travelers and inspired my travel appetite from a very young age. When everyone else's grandparents would be coming back from Florida, mine were on their way home from Morocco!

If you could go anywhere in the world now, where would it be?
Amanpulo in the Philippines.

The themes of travel and escapism seem to play a big part in the Wonderlust fragrances. What would you say is your dream holiday destination?
Next on my bucket list is Ayer's Rock in Australia. But one of my all-time favorite, dreamy destinations is the South Pacific. You feel like you're a world away and surrounded by nothing but white sand and endless turquoise water.

What beauty essentials would you bring along to said dream holiday destination?
Bain de Soleil transpare spray, La Mer lip balm, and a Michael Kors Mens fragrance.

What is the inspiration behind the latest Wonderlust campaign?
I was really thinking about the dream of paradise, optimism and endless possibility. I wanted the campaign to take you somewhere, to give you that sense of escape, especially if you are in an urban environment. And of course, Gigi loves to travel, she's very optimistic and she's up for anything, so she was the perfect face for this fragrance.

How does the Wonderlust Sublime differ from the original Wonderlust fragrance?
Tiare flower, tonka bean and amber give the fragrance a warmth and sensuality that separate it from the other Michael Kors Wonderlust fragrances.

How did you come up with the name Wonderlust Sublime?
The word "wonderlust" is both a play on "wanderlust" and a word we created to express the idea of anything that fills you with wonder and lust. And "sublime" is the perfect word to describe the mood you're in at the end of a fantastic day at the beach when the light turns magical.

Gigi is pretty sublime herself too.
Gigi is the embodiment of the Michael Kors Wonderlust spirit. She's spontaneous, adventurous and the ultimate jet setter.

How was it working with her?
We always have a lot of laughs, and we're total beach bums at heart, so being together in Turks and Caicos was a blast. At one point, we both started playing the ukulele, which neither of us actually knows how to do. It was hysterical.

If you could capture your essence into a single fragrance, what would it smell like?
For me personally, it would be citrus. It's bold, energetic, and optimistic.

Of all the fragrances you've developed, which would you say is your favorite?
That's like asking me to choose a favorite runway look — I could never!

The fragrance market is a saturated one as it is. How would you say that Wonderlust Sublime stands out from the rest?
It has an exotic edge to it but is still something you could wear every day. The mix of jasmine and almond milk is something pretty unique — it lends this unexpected note of warmth and sweetness within the floral heart.

What's more important, the journey or the destination?
They're equally important. A lot of my previous fragrances were inspired by a particular destination. With Michael Kors Wonderlust, though, I was intrigued by the journey-finding joy in the spontaneous and the unknown.

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