Meet the woman described as a walking Picasso painting

Meet the woman described as a walking Picasso painting

Work of art

Text: Renée Batchelor

After roles in Pedro Almadovar and Robert Altman films and serving as muse to designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Spanish actress Rossy De Palma has earned her iconic status... and she has the M.A.C makeup collection to prove it

Women with strong features and unconventional beauty have long fascinated audiences: Think Anjelica Huston and Barbra Streisand. Spanish actress Rossy De Palma, is the European version of these iconic actresses, earning the nickname 'the walking Picasso painting' for her assymmetrical features and fierce beauty. A muse of famed Spanish director Pedro Almadovar who featured her in his movies like Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and Law of Desire, De Palma has long been admired for her joie de vivre and charm.

Her latest role? As a co-creator with M.A.C for a cool collection of makeup inspired by her striking features. Says De Palma, "It was such an exciting process to highlight the face, eyes, mouth and nose. My signature makeup look is also like a puzzle of different facial expressions which is very iconic and daring and is the perfect match with M.A.C." The collection is one of the best we've seen from M.A.C yet with modern, slightly avant garde packaging for the eyeshadows and lip gloss palettes that look almost like tiny abstract paintings framed in precious gold. The collection also includes more daring makeup like red loose glitter and a brilliantly bold red lips — capturing De Palma's eye catching makeup signature. Buro was lucky enough to get some questions with her on the collection and her thoughts on beauty.

How were you approached for this collection with M.A.C and what was your reaction? Why were you keen on collaborating?
My first real powerful memory of M.A.C was back in 2000 when I was invited to a dinner in Paris to celebrate M.A.C Viva Glam with Mary J. Blige for the M.A.C AIDS Fund. It was love at first sight and ever since that moment I felt it was evident that we should collaborate together. It took us a little while but we are finally here.Rossy De Palma for M.A.C Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow in Colours on the Verge, $TK and Lip Gloss x 3
What has been the most interesting project you've worked on as a model or actress and why?
I'm an artist and I'm in love with a lot of disciplines; poetry, writing, designing, modeling, photograph, composing, singing, dancing, performing, acting, costumes designing, plastic artistry and so much more. I suppose I am first of all a poet and a craftswoman or artisan.

What are your favourite products from this collection and do you think the packaging has done you justice?
I love all of the products because they are playing a game together, they complement and contrast each other. The products in the collection are a choreography of contrasts and invite you to play with multiple combinations.

It was such an exciting process to highlight the face, eyes, mouth and nose. I love that we framed each piece in gold and made them animated so they can 'dance' alone or together at the same time expressing gestuality and multiplicity. 

What is the one beauty secret or lesson you have taken with you through your life?
My greatest beauty tip is to be honest to who you are and what you feel. My definition of beauty is kindness and ability for empathy.

My beauty secret is being myself and not being afraid of what others might think of me. My intention was to express that through this makeup collection and M.A.C helped me to achieve just that. Together we were able to deliver a lineup that is brave and daring, and something I am so very proud of. 

From $33 to $72. Available at M.A.C stores from 5 October