We chat with Madonna's aesthetician, Edyta Jarosz, on MDNA Skin

We chat with Madonna's aesthetician, Edyta Jarosz, on MDNA Skin

Magic fingers

Text: Renée Batchelor

Madonna's personal aesthetician, Edyta Jarosz, and the brand ambassador for MDNA Skin, shares her inside tips and why the Material Girl is such a perfectionist when it comes to skin

We've already told you about the advent of MDNA Skin and waxed lyrical about the brand's star Chrome Clay Mask. Much more than a celebrity vanity project, this skincare line combines the best of luxury and technology to provide anti-ageing solutions for all ages.

Find out more about what makes the brand works from Edyta Jarosz. The brand ambassador has a unique connection to Madonna — she was handpicked by the Material Girl herself — having served as a personal aesthetician to her. Nicknamed 'Magic Hands' Jarosz is still Madonna's aesthetician today, and valued for her skill and professionalism. With unique insights into the formulation and efficacy of the products, Madonna's involvement in the brand as well as the inside knowledege on how to use them, the Polish-born Jarosz is the best person to enlighten us on everything MDNA Skin.

What is unique about MDNA Skin and what makes the products so luxurious and effective on the skin?
MDNA Skin is the only skin care brand outside of Italy, which is accepted by Montecatini Therme to use its natural resources like M.T Parca, clay rich in minerals and olives that are harvested from this area. The formulation of M.T ParcaThermal water, which is exclusive to MDNA Skin, is perfectly balanced blend of four distinct thermal waters from Montecatini that has been used for medical care for more than 2000 years.

What is so important that the mineral composition of M.T. Parca is very close to that of biological fluids so it is easy absorbed by skin and in whatever skin's condition is; it will be effective! So you will always see beautiful hydrating, glowing skin after each product application.The application of cutting-edge technology by MTG to the most patents ingredients found in nature make MDNA SKIN unique — the result is what we call 'United Beauty'. You will not experience other skincare brands that allow you actually see, feel and enjoy the fragrance and most of all to be noticed is the instant effectiveness while using the products. Whatever your skin type, age or ethnic group, the MDNA Skin product line enhances the intrinsic power that lays within the skin, making it resilient and trouble- free. It helps each individual discover their own beauty.


How involved was Madonna in giving her feedback and evaluating the products?
Madonna had a strong desire to create a skin care brand with authentic, quality ingredients that she could use, and that's what made her keen to create the MDNA SKIN brand. Madonna has an eye for detail and is completely involved in every aspect of the product from designing of the packaging to approving scented notes, textures of the cream and more. She is involved with the development of every single product in MDNA SKIN line.

She's got an incredible work ethic. The products are a reflection of her years of hard work. Her years of taking care of her skin both on and off stage.

As her aesthetician, would you say that Madonna is very particular about her products and treatments? You mentioned that she is knowledgeable about ingredients.
Madonna is deeply passionate about beauty. She knows all about beauty as a professional aesthetician and she is very strict about her beauty routine. She is always in search of genuine quality and I truly believe that her passion for beauty has been reflected in the MDNA Skin products. Having good skin and taking care of her skin has always been important to Madonna and that is why she uses MDNA Skin on daily basis.

She is passionate about hydration above all else. The Serum was developed based on the serum Madonna has specially formulated for herself. She tried various moisturising ingredients and finally settled on hyaluronic acid. Also the rose scent in The Rose Mistwas a particular request of Madonna's and has a wonderfully relaxing effect. It took 50 samples before Madonna approved of the final product — made with a blend of wild rose and Damascus rose essential oils.

What are some of the tips and tricks you may have learned from Madonna when it comes to taking care of your skin?
Madonna is a perfectionist. Consistency with skin care regiment is a key to beautiful flawless skin. She is always in search of genuine quality. The simplicity and the quest for the true effectiveness are keys for the true beauty. Even with her extremely busy schedule she will always find time to take care of her skin, never escape night time routine and go to bed without removing make up. So if she can find time so we all can do. Always remember to tend to your skin at night. It is your resting and healing period.




What are some of the special techniques and massages you would use with MDNA Skin and how would you use the Skin Rejuvenator on a daily basis?
The Skin Rejuvenator is an incredible device with two specially designed functions, one is a specialised magnetic force to remove impurities and the other is the Deep Derma Induction to infuse all beauty ingredients into the deeper layers to revitalize the skin, which I truly believe everyone should use on the daily basis.

The Skin Rejuvenator with the Chrome Clay Mask can be used once or twice per week. The Deep Derma Infusion can be used every day to infuse The Serum and lift the skin.This subtle facial massage with infusion head also helps to increase circulation and skin function. Simply massaging your face can whip your visage into shape. Massage with Deep Derma Infusion will give you a more defined jawline, your facial dry skin will be soothed, your cheeks will be plumper, your eyes puff-free, and you will have more lifted eyebrows. Honestly the more you do, better results you will achieve. It's like a workout for your face. You can also use infusion head over The Eye Mask or any MDNA Skin products.




Do you have any special tips and tricks for using the key products such as the Rose Mist? 
Use the Rose Mist as often as you need. It will refresh your skin during the day. It could be used before the makeup application and to freshen makeup after a long day. Often it will help make up last longer and give a skin a fresh, dewy sheen. It's refreshing, softening, brightening, and toning effects. I love using ice cubes together with the Rose Mist. First spray your face with The Rose Mist and then massage your face with the ice cubes. It is very effective in tightening your skin pores as well as brightening the skin tone. Ice cubes together with the Rose Mist assures you add life and glow to a lifeless and dull skin.

As the trainer and ambassador for MDNA Skin what has been the most interesting part about launching the product in the US, HK and China? What has been the customer reactions to the products?
I had an amazing experience during the launch of MDNA SKIN products in the US, HK, Taiwan and China. The most interesting part was the excitement of everyone! Excitement about the line which combines natural ingredients from the credible source of Montecatini and advance innovative Japanese technology. Everyone loves the quality of products. Madonna, the creator of this fantastic skin care line, is perfectionist in what she is always doing; so quality and effectiveness of products are superb and outstanding.

The use of MDNA Skin on a daily basis will make everyone feel better and more confident about their skin, it is like independent routine solution for your skin which gives the skin what it needs and makes you feel the true beauty from both outside and within.

Available at the MDNA Skin pop-up counter at Level 1, Takshimaya