Lip blushing in Singapore: What to expect, where to get it done, and how semi-permanent lip tattooing works

Lip blushing in Singapore: What to expect, where to get it done, and how semi-permanent lip tattooing works

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Text: Emily Heng

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As much as we regard the act of putting on makeup as a sacred ritual, there are just some days (or, well, mornings, really) when we can't quite manage to smear on our ceremonial face paint. Due to time constraints and/or a lack in willpower, we resign ourselves to a bare face and occasional bouts of self-consciousness through the day.

The cure: semi-permanent makeup aka aesthetic treatments that add to your appearance as a mascara, brow pencil, or concealer would — but for extended periods, ranging from weeks to years. Think lash extensions, perms, microneedling BB treatments, and more. The new kid on this block is lip blushing, a cosmetic tattoo that gives the illusion of fuller, rouged lips on the regular. If you think that means no touch-ups, plumping glosses, or fillers, you thought right. Colour us (literally) intrigued. We get the goss on the costs, results, and aftercare required from this treatment, below.

What is lip blushing, exactly?

In short, it is a cosmetic tattoo designed to enhance the natural shape and colour of your pout, creating the illusion of fuller, more defined lips. It can even be used to correct asymmetry or discoloured pouts typically exhibited by smokers.

How does lip blushing work?

The treatment may vary according to your salon of choice. Typically, most sessions begin with a consultation to determine your lip undertone, natural skin tone, and preference. At Beauty Recipe Aesthetics, colours are custom-blended to ensure that it matches your expectations. "Nano organic micro-pigments are infused to the upper dermal layer of the lip's skin," says Jessie Ting, founder. "Brushing needles are used for application for a softer, more natural look.”

Are there any risks associated with the procedure?

Not if it is administered by a professional.

Is there any pain involved?

A very low level of pain is involved. Lip-numbing patches are applied so the overall sensation is similar to a faint scratching sensation on the surface of skin.

How much does lip blushing cost?

It depends on your salon of choice; the range is between $300 to $800.

How long does treatment take?

Ninety to 120 minutes, on average.

How long does the effect last?

According to Jessie, effects can last up to five years with proper aftercare.

Is there any aftercare required after the procedure?

Lips will be swollen after the procedure. "For the first 24 hours, I advise my clients to gently blot their lips with a wet cotton pad and let them air dry," says Christopher Drummond, licensed aesthetician and cosmetic tattoo master of PFrankMD Skin Salon in an interview with Elle. "This is to keep the lips clean and remove any body fluids that have surfaced and prevent the fluids from forming scabs." As with all tattoos, it is also recommended that you let scabs fall off naturally as picking them can result in scarring or loss of pigment in those areas. Jessie adds, "Be sure to avoid spicy foods, seafood, raw food, and hot drinks as this could cause further swelling.”

How long do lips take to fully heal?

Lips should be healed completely after four weeks, with scabbing lasting for five to seven days.

Where can you go in Singapore for lip blushing?

Beauty Recipe Aesthetics
Specialising in all manner of semi-permanent makeup services, Beauty Recipe provides a safe, luxurious experience like no other if the numerous accolades under their belt are any indication. We're talking winner of the International Permanent Makeup Championship in 2018 as well as qualifying for the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award for excellent customer service.

Erabelle Singapore
Established in 2004, Erabelle is known for their array of semi-permanent makeup services from brow embroidery to lip blushing. You can rest easy knowing that stringent hygiene practices are in place, with new sterile micropen tips used for every customer — all of which are equipped with a colour backflow protector to ensure zero contamination.


Widely known for their extensive lash and brow grooming services, Browhaus has expanded their repertoire to include lip blushing, too. Expect high technical proficiency, top-notch service, and a stunning end-result.