Kim Robinson's new book is all about getting gorgeous

Kim Robinson's new book is all about getting gorgeous

Cut to the chase

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Edwin Datoc
Image: Chen Man

Kim Robinson's magic hands have touched the tresses of Asian celebrities like Sandy Lam and Kathy Chow. In his new book Go Get Gorgeous he shares some tricks of the trade

Kim Robinson remains one of the most renowned hair experts in Singapore and Hong Kong thanks to his incomparable eye and signature dry cutting technique. His latest book Go Get Gorgeous, is a 173-page style guide featuring some of the famous heads he has touched. There's even hair advice from financial expert Suze Orman on how to save money with your haircut. Also inside: how-tos on every hairstyle ranging from bobs to updos plus some jaw-dropping makeovers. We speak to the busy Mr Robinson to find out more. 

Tell us about your new book. Who is the audience you're writing for and what was your purpose of showcasing all these beautiful women and their gorgeous hair?
I want to share my knowledge on the techniques and secrets that I have gathered through my experiences and intuitions. By doing so, I hope to give all women in Asia the tools and fortitude to find their own confidence and power.

Can you tell us the team you worked with for makeup and photography? 
They are experts in their fields that I know and worked together with them for many years including the world renowned photographer Chen Man.

What can a reader expect in terms of the visuals, tips and insights that you will be giving them in Go Get Gorgeous?
The book features many stunning and gifted women who are not only mothers, wives and daughters but also international beauty icons, and my wonderful friends.  

We love the modern looks in the book that are still very classic. What is the Kim Robinson style and what is your philosophy?
You hair frames your face and the chosen hairstyle has the power to completely change how you look.  A style can make you look incredibly beautiful, or unsuitable for the shape of your face, which may highlight your flaws. While all hairstyles will grow out or fade, it can seem like a catastrophe when the style itself is poorly cut or unflattering. I believe it is important to really understand what works with your hair, face shape, and style and lifestyle.

Image from Kim Robinson book

What are the trends you've noticed in Hong Kong and Singapore when it comes to haircuts, colour and styling? Have women become more adventurous or less so over time?
Women in Asia have definitely become more adventurous. I can see a lot of similarities between Hong Kong and Singapore in terms of hair trends.  They all love long hair.

There is a makeover section in the book. When you look at a woman, how can you instinctively tell what will work for her?
I analyse her face shape.

Also what is the mistake you often see in your clients when they come to your salon for the first time?
More often than not, I would see clients with hairstyles that do not suit their face shapes.

After all these years, what makes a Kim Robinson cut so special?
A lasting, fuss-free cut that flatters your face while your hair grows out.

You have so many famous clients from Sandy Lam to Suze Orman. What is it like working with all these powerful, famous women and what have your learnt from your time with them?
Every woman is different. You can see mothers, wives and daughters or international beauty icons in my book. Everyday, I learn something from different women when I work with them. I feel very fortunate to have met them. 

Go Get Gorgeous is out in bookstores now