Jo Malone London Cologne Intense scents are finally here

Jo Malone London Cologne Intense scents are finally here

Heady whiffs

Text: Renée Batchelor

It took a while to reach our shores, but Jo Malone London's exquisite collection of intense colognes, made with precious ingredients is finally here

Jo Malone London is synonymous with refined, light-as-air scents that are perfect for layering. But that doesn't mean the perfume house can't do richer and more intense scents well — think of its signature Red Roses and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. Now the new Cologne Intense range takes a different approach with seven sensual scents, with a sophisticated twist. Myrrh & Tonka uses the potent sap of the Namibian myrrh tree and blends it with the addictive tonka bean, while tuberose angelica mixes the heady white floral with the green spiciness of angelica. Find out more about the range from Celine Roux, fragrance director of Jo Malone London. 

Amber and Patchouli Cologne Intense
Tell us about Cologne Intense and the inspiration behind it?
Cologne Intense reinterprets time-honoured ingredients with distinctively modern fragrances, each with Jo Malone London's distinctly elegant simplicity.

The story of Cologne Intense began in the Middle East where heritage and culture have a special place for scent. For thousands of years, fragrance has been approached ritualistically. Multiple oils or attars such as oud, rose, or jasmine, are layered onto the skin. Even clothing and hair are infused with vapour collected from scented chips called bakhoor, before spraying the scent. Our imaginations were captured. The Jo Malone London Creative Studio took the rich and rare ingredients so loved in the Middle East and gave them a modern character. Each has its own surprising Jo Malone London twist.

What is the signature of this collection?
Cologne Intense scents are created with precious ingredients that are particularly deep and rich.

Who created the fragrances?
Jo Malone London's Creative Studio worked with master perfumers including Christine Nagel and Marie Salamagne to create the Cologne Intense scents. The dialogue with the perfumer is constant and each scent is honed and perfected. The perfumers who have worked on Cologne Intense have all been inspired by the ingredients' roots in Middle Eastern ritual and the chance to reinvent and add a modern sensibility to precious and historic ingredients.

Can you explain the philosophy of fragrance combining?
All of our colognes are structured so they can stand alone or be blended and layered with other Jo Malone London scents for endless bespoke effects. It's a unique concept at the heart of Jo Malone London giving you the chance to discover a fragrance that is truly your own. Each Cologne Intense fragrance has this simplicity of construction. They retain a clarity that makes them sublime worn alone and magnetic when mixed and layered.

Can you combine Cologne Intense with other Jo Malone London fragrances?
Yes and they make for really great combinations. A favourite is Tuberose Angelica with Peony & Blush Suede. The scent they create is a luxurious full floral, intoxicating and voluptuous. We also love Dark Amber & Ginger Lily with Wood Sage & Sea Salt for a distinctive woody fragrance, enwrapped with amber and a touch of sea salt.

Tuberose Angelica Intense Cologne
Tell us about the bottles.
Our iconic black-edged cream boxes with hand-tied black ribbons are instantly recognisable and synonymous with Jo Malone London. The packaging for Cologne Intense is an evolution of that signature, using black to reflect the deeper intensity of the fragrance. We use classically simple apothecary bottles for all of our fragrances with a silver stopper, and for Cologne Intense we created special silver Jo Malone London labels.

How does the bottle represent Cologne Intense and Jo Malone London?
The Jo Malone London philosophy remains the same as it always has been — elegant simplicity. This is reflected in the classic lines of our pared-down bottles and packaging and its luxurious feel; a perfectly weighted bottle, layers of tissue paper, the iconic box. Every bottle is beautifully wrapped and each box is hand-tied with a grosgrain ribbon.

Do the Cologne Intense scents work better for men or women?
Like all Jo Malone London scents, both men and women wear Cologne Intense. It's just a matter of discovering a scent that fits with your own personal taste. If you prefer a deep and woody fragrance try hypnotic and alluring Oud & Bergamot, mysterious and smoky oud radiates with the clarity of crisp bergamot. If you prefer something spicy, golden Saffron is a vivid statement. Floral scents like our latest addition, intoxicating and desirable Tuberose Angelica, are also popular with both men and women. The innovative reinterpretation of classic floral ingredients like tuberose and rose is very popular.

Are the fragrances available in other products than just the Cologne?
Beyond the much-loved Colognes, you can now enjoy Cologne Intense as part of your bodycare ritual. Moisturising Cologne Intense Dry Body Oil is the perfect way to achieve long-lasting fragrance while giving your skin a conditioning treat. You can also layer it with other fragrances. Try Dry Body Oil before adding a spritz of your favourite Cologne to create your own bespoke scent. You can fill your home with the rich and rare ingredients of Cologne Intense too with distinctive and stylish Home Candles created with striking and decadent black wax.

$275 for 100ml. At Jo Malone stores from January 2017