Iris Law, the face of Burberry Beauty, on perfecting her cat eyeliner and brows

Iris Law, the face of Burberry Beauty, on perfecting her cat eyeliner and brows

Cat people

Text: Renée Batchelor

Young English beauty Iris Law, is coming into her own as the face of Burberry Beauty makeup. Here's her take on getting her cat eyes just right and not over-grooming her brows

Oh to be young again. Iris Law, all of 16, was christened the face of Burberry Beauty at the start of the year. And now, after fronting the Lip Velvet campaign, it's all about the eyes: The brand has two, new products the Cat Eye Liner and Full Brows. Which kind of works out perfectly for the young beauty, as she's inherited her father, Jude Law's mesmerising, blue-green peepers. The Cat Eye Liner is a dual-ended pen — one side is a applicator sponge that dispenses eyeshadow while the other is a brush inspired by a calligraphy brush. Use this tool to customise your feline-inspired flicks to create either a bold look or more artistic, thinner lines. The liquid liner has rich pigments in the formula that give intense colour with every stroke for a long-lasting finish that is, thankfully, waterproof. 

Meanwhile the new Full Brows is an additional brow product that gives you both effortless application — like the brand's excellent Effortless Eyebrow Definer — but with a customisable finish. First, use the water-based liner to define and fill the brows, before using the powder-wax shadow at the other end, to build the thickness and density of the brows and set them. Here what Law has to say about her own makeup routine and how she's learnt to perfect her cat liner.

What do you like most about your eyes?
My eyes change colour quite a lot; sometimes they're bluer and sometimes more green. I like that about my eyes because it's similar to my dad and brothers. 

Any eyeliner mishaps in the past?
I was very late at trying out 'flicks' compared to my friends who all used to do it. My friend, Izzy, taught me and I picked it up pretty quickly. The only mishap I can think of is one of the first times when I hadn't yet got used to wearing flicks, where I applied lip balm to my eyelid and cheekbone (something I usually do to make myself look shiny or dewy) and I smudged the flick right off. 

The Cat Eye Liner comes in two shades, Jet Black [No.01] and Chestnut Brown [No.02]. Which of these do you use, when and where?
I really like both and haven't yet come to a conclusion of when and where to use the different colours. I suppose you could say the chestnut brown would be good for more casual occasions but I think it can also be very striking.

What do you like most about new Burberry Cat Eye Liner?
The ease of use and, similar to Full Brows, the buildable look: from subtle to more accentuated. I also love the precision you can get with the flick and the way it doesn't smudge or budge when you wear it out.

How do you feel about cats?
I have two cats at my dad's house: Spooky and Plum. They're both grey and white and beautiful. They always come and keep me company and comfort everyone with their purring. I love the eldest cat's (Spooky) paws which are squishy and look like perfect cartoon drawings.

How do you care for your brows?
I'm happy with the shape of my natural brows, so I suppose I don't actively have to care about them. But I do care about the colour, which is why Burberry Full Brows changed my view about using eyebrow makeup on myself. In my opinion, the colour range is very natural and doesn't change the colour of your brows, it just complements and perfects them.

Are there any brow looks that you've seen and would want to try, such as coloured or bleached?
Yeah, a mutual friend of mine had bleached brows that she would colour according to her makeup or outfit. I found that really interesting, but I don't think I would do that quite yet. My brows are not bushy enough — they would just disappear. 

What do you like most about new Burberry Full Brows?
I find the ease of use really encourages me to use it more than other brow fillers I've tried. With just two steps to perfect brows, it's great how you can use it to just neaten your natural brows or to build a more defined look: From subtle to more accentuated.

Burberry Beauty Full Brows in Ebony and Sepia, $52 each

Seeing as you're an artist, and we think Full Brows can be used in the same way as a watercolour to draw and paint the brows from a natural to a more defined look, has your artistic side influenced the way you use and experiment with makeup?
I definitely try to do something experimental with any new makeup, just to test its  limits. For example, I dotted Full Brows between my bottom lashes and it made them look fuller and more separated. It turned out pretty good but I need more practice.

Do you feel your artistry has helped you apply makeup better and more creatively, using methods such as more precise brushstrokes? 
I would like to say it has but I think it's more influenced my colour choice and creativity in ideas. Watching professionals do my makeup has probably helped with the technique side of applying my makeup the most.

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