The way to super skin: Optimising and personalising your daily routine with Ioma’s Ma Crème

The way to super skin: Optimising and personalising your daily routine with Ioma’s Ma Crème

Tech meets TLC

Text: Angelyn Kwek

For your best skin ever, you’re going to need a next-level, personalised product aka the Ioma Ma Crème

"We're not a customisation brand. We're a personalisation brand." That was the key takeaway during the launch event of Ioma's new In.Lab device, where a massive turnout of beauty journos, gurus and influencers have gathered for our first look at the next generation in cutting-edge skincare science. The undisputed number one in personalised skincare, Ioma actually spells 'A moi' backwards, which in French directly translates to 'for me' — a factoid global trainer Kévin Rato points out as he introduces the brand to those who are new to Ioma.

Ioma In.Lab Ma Creme

"Ioma is completely unique, " Rato shares. "We don't look at age, gender or race. Our products are formulated for everybody. We're the only brand that proposes a skin diagnosis in order to get high-precision performance and results. We're also the only ones that can prove our results."

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is, because Ioma customers are encouraged to come back after four to six weeks of using Ma Crème to get their skin tested again. And the stats don't lie. Backed by years of in-depth scientific research, Ioma has patented the technology to quantify your skin, calculating exactly the levels of your skin's moisture, sebum, UV damage, redness, bacterial activity, clogged pores and even fine lines and wrinkles. This list is non-exhaustive, by the way. The full diagnosis is way more extensive, detailing everything (you don't want to know) about your skin... and then some.

Said matter-of-factly by Rato: "Every person is unique, therefore Ioma delivers unique answers. What we do here are bespoke products because no two people have the same type of skin."

In fact, Ioma is so specialised in the field, having analysed millions of skin profiles that they've gathered over 40,257 possible formulations when it comes to their hero product, which now sees a revamp that improves not only the efficacy of Ma Crème but also debuts a new, upgraded packaging. But if the naysayers are shaking their heads proclaiming that Ioma is just another brand touting gimmicky devices, Rato will have you know that similar skin diagnoses are also performed in aesthetic clinics elsewhere — but sans Ma Crème at the end of it — for a fee between 100 to 150 Euros. And there certainly won't be a moneyback guarantee return checkup to see if your skin has improved.

So what's in Ioma's signature Ma Crème that makes it a cut above other purported customisation skincare brands? Consisting of a day and night routine, the creams work on a synergistic action that adapts to the chronobiology of one's skin. In the day, Ma Crème boosts your skin's natural ability to fight external aggressions with moisturising and anti-radical ingredients while its night version helps your skin regenerate itself using a blend of calming and recharging actives. As Rato is keen to point out: "Firstly, it's revolutionary to have a machine that creates right before the consumer his or her own Ma Crème in less than a minute. Secondly, the formulation is extremely high-precision thanks to In.Lab automating the process. Before we used to combine the different types of serums manually."

Ioma In.Lab Ma Creme

What this means for your skin is that the make up of Ma Crème — which contains a concentrated active base that In.Lab will inject various serums to — is so tailored to your personal needs that you can do away with other serums and moisturisers. All you need from now on is this Ioma duo; it's essentially good skin in a bottle, personalised to your complexion's DNA. So feed your skin the good stuff it needs.

In.Lab Ma Crème and the skin diagnosis are available at the Ioma counter at Robinsons The Heeren. Ioma's skincare collection is available online