Inside the new Ralph Love fragrance

Inside the new Ralph Love fragrance

Joyful juice

Text: Renée Batchelor

Remember the feeling of your first crush? The perfumers behind the new Ralph Love hope you do when you smell this vibrant, juicy scent

Ralph Lauren's newest scent Ralph Love, is fresh, youthful and delicious. It's a far cry from the ultra-masculine scents of the Polo range, and with its floral-gourmand notes of red apple, roses and cotton candy, it is meant to capture the giddiness of a first crush. The scent's joint perfumers Cecile Hua and Irina Burlakova give us their insight on the creation of the scent, how it fits into the Ralph universe and how it can layered with the other two Ralph scents.

What was your inspiration and objective when creating the new Ralph Love fragrance?
Cecile Hua: Ralph Love is inspired by the excitement of a woman's first crush. It's a feeling that no girl forgets. We designed the fragrance to reflect a sweet moment between a young couple; a beach boardwalk date underneath a pink, cotton candy sky. We wanted to create a sweet, love-struck moment while paying homage to the other Ralph fragrances.

What are the key ingredients in the fragrance?
Irina Burlakova: For Ralph Love, we chose addictive and sweet ingredients and accords — red apple, cotton candy and pink rose. For the first impression we chose red apple accord. It's a luscious, crisp note, bursting with freshness.

Cecile: We crafted Ralph Love with layers of floral notes to capture that sensation of first love. We introduced a floral heart of pink rose essence, because it's youthful, feminine and romantic. The special note chosen, rose Turkish superessence, gives a tender, breathless quality with a lot of dewy, modern femininity. To really give Ralph Love a memorable unique feeling-like the original Ralph — we created a gourmand cotton candy accord. It's delicious and almost addicting. You can't stop smelling!

What are the emotions or feelings you're looking to evoke with this fragrance?
Irina: We designed Ralph Love to encapsulate the excitement and hope of blossoming, young love. The giddy feeling you have while on a date with a new crush. All women remember that carefree feeling; we wanted to capture that exhilaration with this fragrance. The emotions that should come to mind are about being young, optimistic and love-struck.

What type of fragrance is Ralph Love?
Cecile: Ralph Love is a floral-gourmand scent. Gourmand fragrances are a relatively new category, with the concept of basing fragrances on edible notes. They are typically "comfy" and delicious.
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Who is the woman that wears Ralph Love? 
Irina: The Ralph Love girl is playful, light-hearted and mesmerised by someone special. She's youthful and flirty. What's exciting about the introduction of Ralph Love, is it joins a trilogy of Ralph scents. Each fragrance is for the many moods of the Ralph girl.

How is Love similar to the other fragrances in the trio — Ralph and Ralph Fresh? 
How does it differ from the other fragrances in the trio?
Cecile: The trio of Ralph fragrances is designed to capture the energy and spirit of the Ralph girl, who is light-hearted and lively at her core, in her many moods. To capture the essence of the Ralph girl, we kept the heart of the fragrances similar — floral. The Ralph scents also all include the iconic, delicious apple key note.

The iconic apple key note, apparent in all three fragrances, is translated in unique ways. The apple note is, along with floral notes, what makes the core of the Ralph franchise. The classic Ralph has the original juicy apple combined with freesia, while Ralph Fresh is made even fresher with the crisp apple laced with magnolia. Ralph Love features a luscious red apple accord, or a forbidden fruit wrapped with rose. 

Irina: We mention the apple ingredient because it's symbolic of the differences between the three scents. Ralph is a floral-fruity scent; it inspires you to dream big and reflects a colourful day at the boardwalk. Ralph Fresh is a floral-citrus scent, a bit zestier and brighter; it refreshes your zest for life. Ralph Love, a floral-gourmand scent, is the sweetest of the bunch. It captures your love-struck moments.

Would you recommend layering any of the fragrances in the Ralph trio?
Cecile: Layering the Ralph Trilogy is sort of like starting your outfit with your favorite broken-in jeans and a perfect white shirt, and then adding personal touches and accessories to change it up according to your mood. You can layer Ralph Fresh on top of Ralph, and the citrusy, clean and fresh aspects will be enhanced. It creates that zesty feeling of playful energy. If you layer Ralph Love on top of Ralph, you'll really notice the addictive, comforting and sweet pink cotton candy effect and a burst of tempting fruity apple.