Inside Amaris B. Clinic: One-on-one with Dr. Ivan Puah

Inside Amaris B. Clinic: One-on-one with Dr. Ivan Puah

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Text: Renée Batchelor

It can be daunting making your first appointment with an aesthetic doctor. We find out more from Amaris B. Clinic's Dr. Ivan Puah on why he wants to change the landscape, one satisfied patient at a time

Dr. Ivan Puah

Women today are willing to splurge. Whether it's on the hard-to-get Birkin bag, a classic Cartier bracelet or an easthetic treatment, ladies are not afraid to treat themselves. But many have misconceptions about aesthetic treatments being painful, costly or invasive. The truth is, with advances today, aesthetic treatments are more fuss-free, effective and affordable than ever before. The idea with starting on these treatments early, is a similar approach to maintaining a luxury sports car. One should do occasional tune-ups and follow up with a good maintenance routine, rather than relying on a drastic overhaul.

In the age of Instagram, wouldn't it be great not having to rely on a million filters or watch your angles when taking a picture? Whether it's having a more sculpted jawline or a slimmer silhoutte, the experts can help with a permanent solution that goes beyond your usual creams and topical products. Stepping into the Amaris B. Clinic, located in a restored shophouse in the Bugis area is certainly an unexpected experience. Instead of a clinical, white and sterile setting, be treated to lush greenery and a pampering, relaxed environment. Specialising in treatments like vaser lipo and breast enhancement, all patients consult with the clinic's medical director Dr. Ivan Puah before deciding on the best course of treatment. We speak to him to find out more about his clinic and what they specialise in, as well as the process of consulting with a doctor.
Amaris B. Clinic
What was the vision for Amaris B. Clinic when you first opened in 2004, and how has it changed, if at all?
We believe that everyone deserves to be beautiful. Based on that belief, the clinic was founded to make aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures more affordable and available to a wider demographic. Today, it still holds true.

When I stepped in, it was very warm, well-landscaped and inviting, why is this important to the atmosphere of Amaris B. Clinic to not have that cold, clinical feel? Why was this location in a historically rich area of Singapore chosen? 
We're glad you felt that way. To consider undergoing an aesthetic treatment or cosmetic procedure is a big step and a major decision. The detailed and special attention rendered to our clinic's interior serves to evoke a sense of reassurance and comfort. In many ways, they are also a reflection and representation of the service standard and assurance that we provide. Our patients' well-being is our priority and it starts the moment they walk into the clinic. We cater to both local and international patients. One of the benefits of being in the heart of one of Singapore's historical sites is that it makes it relatively easy to locate us. 

Secondly, the area offers an array of accommodations, dining places and other interesting attractions that our patients can indulge in before and after treatments.
At the end of the day, women want to look and feel beautiful. What's more important is to choose the right and most appropriate treatment for one's needs.
What are some of the most popular treatments that you are certified to carry out on patients and what are the clinic's specialties?
I am certified, recognised and has a specialised license by the Ministry Of Health to perform liposuction and am well-known in the field of body sculpting. Our signature treatments are VASERlipo, liposuction, ADR-C Breast Enhancement and gynecomastia surgery. Apart from these minimally-invasive treatments, we also provide a comprehensive range of non-invasive treatments for clients with hair, skin and ageing concerns. Our clinic is also known for body sculpting programs ranging from non-invasive ones such as Venus Legacy to acupuncture cellulite treatments to minimally invasive treatments such as liposuction, Vaser Liposelection, HiDef Vaser, Breast Enhancement and a customised weight loss plan.

What are the major concerns of women today, and how has it changed from 12 years ago?
Generally, the concerns are the same. At the end of the day, women want to look and feel beautiful. What's more important is to choose the right and most appropriate treatment for one's needs. Personal safety and wellbeing should never be compromised in the pursuit of beauty.

Plastic surgery or going under the scalpel can be a big and daunting decision for many women and men. What is a typical consultation process like? How does the clinic assure patients that they are getting the best possible treatment, yet stay within their budget and with what they're comfortable with?
As mentioned earlier, our patients' wellbeing starts from the moment they step into the clinic. During the consultation, I will address all and any concerns. Based on a patient's goals and needs, the appropriate treatment will then be suggested and discussed thoroughly and in absolute privacy. We want to ensure that our patients feel comfortable, confident and assured throughout the process.
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How do you deliver results yet manage the expectations of its clients? Are there some things that are just not possible (like an obese person wanting to lose a lot of weight) and how would you then approach treating such a client?
That's a very good question. We all want to look good but we need to understand our body first. For the example you mentioned, we would initially suggest a change of lifestyle and habits. Not only will these help the patient but also, they will reduce the risk of any complications, if one should arise. It's also important to know that looking good is not only about undergoing treatments... and you're done; It's also about maintaining results through a more desirable and healthier lifestyle.

What would you say sets you apart from other clinics out there?
We are passionate about what we do and take immense pride in the services we provide. Here, we make it our personal mission to fulfil and help our patients realise their aesthetic and beauty needs.

How does your knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) combinewith Western medicine to create complementary treatments for your patients?
When I started the practice, we realised that there is a niche group of people who prefer complementary therapy like acupuncture, instead of injectable or surgeries when it comes to combating ageing or cellulite.

With the Diploma in Acupuncture that I have attained from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Singapore), I was able to provide cosmetic acupuncture and cellulite reduction acupuncture to this niche group of clients. With the wealth of knowledge that I have acquired in both Western and Oriental Medicine, we are able to offer a wide array of aesthetic and beauty treatments, from complementary to non-invasive and surgical solutions.

Amaris B. Clinic is at 140 Arab Street, 6817-4303