Icona Pop talks lipstick, music and future collaborations

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Icona Pop talks lipstick, music and future collaborations
In this Buro 24/7 Singapore exclusive, we catch up with Swedish electropop duo Icona Pop, newly-minted Make Up For Ever ambassadors

Sweden has some great exports, from Ikea, to the Swedish chef in The Muppets to Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander. The next big thing? Electropop duo Icona Pop, who had a breakout hit with their single I Love it. According to Vikander, her and the two members of Icona Pop, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, were roomates in London before they hit the big time. Talk about a talented trio. Buro speaks to Hjelt and Jawo about their upcoming projects, their collaboration with Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge and the lipstick shades they love.

What are some of your upcoming projects? Following the release of Weekend, what is the next single we can expect?
The next thing we have is coming up very soon. It's our single Brightside. It's a single about our friendship and how we support each other when someone is a little down, what you would do for someone that you are really close to.

Will you be touring anytime soon, and if so, what will be some dream cities on your list? Would you be keen to perform in Singapore?
We have some gigs, but we can't really tell [you] yet. But we will definitely make sure to come to Asia and we would love to come to Singapore. Right now, until Christmas we are trying to finish as much music as possible and hopefully, we will tour the world next year... we can't wait to play our new music.

How does your music connect with your roles as the faces of Make Up For Ever's Artist Rouge? Do you think in this day and age, an artist can separate their image from their music? 
We can only speak for us and not for other artists but we can't separate our music from other stuff we are doing. That's why we are so careful with the collaborations we are doing and when we decided to collaborate with Make Up For Ever it was a no brainer, because it just goes very well with our music. The Artist Rouge collection is about daring to be bold and it fits our music perfectly.

Icona Pop
What's next on the horizon for Icona Pop? Are there any dream artists or producers you would love to collaborate with?
As we said, we have collaborations that we can't reveal yet, but we promise to release a lot of music next year and also there are a lot of collaborations that we want to do. But right now we are writing a lot with our friends and one of them is Tove Lo. We love writing with her, she is amazing.

Which part of making music do you enjoy the most, being in the studio, recording videos or performing? Which do you enjoy the least? 
The best part of being an artist is when you do so many different things. You hate to love everything sometimes but you never hate standing on stage. Being in the studio is amazing when you have a good vibe with someone or if you write something that you feel "yes, this is so good". Being on stage is always the best part. You get that special connection with your fans. You are in your right element. We are just very fortunate to do what we do.

If you were a lipstick shade, what colour would you be?
Caroline: I'm a big fans of red lips, it's classic, always in style and bold at the same time! We use makeup to express ourselves on and off stage and there are so many shades from the Artist Rouge collection to play with! My favorite is the Artist Rouge in the hot red, M-401.

Aino: I like a lot of colors. I like very dark colors but also neutral, brownish red. It depends on what kind of mood I am in. Blue is more edgy, if I want to feel cool and a little more dark.

Icona Pop in the shades they chose for their campaign
What is the most outrageous or experimental lipstick shade you've ever worn? 
Aino: The colour that I love is one of the boldest colours of the Artist Rouge collection, it's actually the blue I chose for the Artist Rouge campaign!

If lipstick signals your mood, what colour would you wear for a Tinder date, meeting the family of someone special, or a huge industry event?
Red can never go wrong!

Text: Renée Batchelor

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