I'm with the brand: Shophouse Sixtyfive

I'm with the brand: Shophouse Sixtyfive

Local delight

Text: Renée Batchelor

Shophouse Sixtyfive is a Singapore-based bath and body company that is making its mark with its local-flavoured lip balms

If you've ever come across one of Shophouse Sixtyfive's delightful lip balms, you're sure to be tickled by or taken with its local flavours. The bath and body company is named for old shophouses in Singapore as well as the country's year of independence. Their lip balms are handcrafted using a beeswax base and blended with flavouring and essential oils that are inspired by local flavours. 

From Sentosa Island to Lipbalm Kosong (named after the drink), it's safe to say you're unlikely to find these flavours anywhere else. We speak to the brand's founder Petrina Yuen, a fine arts graduate from La Salle who has a love for old school quirkiness.

Why did you start your brand? What is the inspiration behind it?
I've always had a love and fascination for handmade cosmetics, and the unique heritage and flavours of Singapore lent itself very well to being translated into a handcrafted bath and body line. I always wanted to create a brand that was truly handmade and had a unique story to tell.

How are your lip balms different from other brands?
Firstly they are handmade with love and care, but also we use mostly natural ingredients, such as skin-loving coconut and sunflower oil. We also try and think out of the box when it comes to flavours with unique concoctions like Honeydew Sago. It's based on the local dessert and has a sweet honeydew flavour with hints of coconut. 

How are your products made and where? 
They are all made in Singapore; I make them myself by hand. I even stick on each label manually.  Its a labour of love and I really enjoy the process. I started by making it at home on the kitchen table but soon we will be expanding and have our own production facility. 

How do you come up with the unique flavours? And how often do you think up new ones?
I tend to seek inspiration from Kopitiam culture and local comfort desserts and drinks. We do limited-edition flavours every few months and I do have some new ideas I am tinkering with. However I am concentrating now on expanding the line with soaps, which will also come in complementary and companion scents to the lip balm flavours.

Which flavour is your personal favourite?
Rose Bandung! Its also my favourite local drink. There's a feminine air around it, and I just can't get enough. Honeydew Sago is a close second...I think you can tell I have a sweet tooth. 

What are your best sellers?
Honeydew Sago, Kopi-O and Sir Stamford (which is a blend of English tea and caramel).

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