I'm with the brand: Nudestix

I'm with the brand: Nudestix

Pencil power

Text: Renée Batchelor

Nudestix is a makeup brand started by millenials Ally and Taylor Frankel. But women of any age can use it

A makeup brand started by teens? Sisters Ally and Taylor Frankel, who are 16 and 19 respectively, were the inspiration for the brand which they created with their mother Jenny Frankel, a Toronto-based cosmetics chemical engineer who had previously worked at M.A.C and co-founded Cover FX. Jenny observed the way her teenage daughters wore makeup —  they wanted something natural and easy — and together they came up with the concept of Nudestix, a pared-down collection of makeup crayons. We spoke to Taylor Frankel, the brand's 19-year old co-creator and chief inspiration officer to find out more.

How was Nudestix conceived?
My mum was taking a break from work, and to make sure she was involved in our lives, she followed us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. She noticed that my sister and I were only following lifestyle and fashion brands and that we didn't really go for the perfect makeup look — such as the perfect lip, but rather wanted to embrace a more natural look.

It came as a shock to her as she came from the Sex and the City generation, where more is more makeup, but we told her we would rather sleep in for another five minutes than spend time on makeup. To us, millenials don't really want to look like everyone else, but are more interested in 'sidewalk beauty' rather than the perfect looks that makeup brands were showcasing. We conceived Nudestix together to meet this need. The 'nude' part of the brand comes from the fact that we only create neutral shades and it also refers to being comfortable in your own skin — our motto is nude but better. The 'stix' part is because everything is in pencil form. We felt brushes and compact were too much. We wanted something that was easy to go. We call it Crayola meets Chanel.

How are Nudestix products formulated and what is the concept behind them?
Our concealer pencils are loaded with shea butter and vitamin A. They are also preservative-free, gluten-free, paraben-free and vegan. They're great for sensitive skin. I have very dry and reactive skin, while my sister has very oily skin and has a lot of allergies. We wanted to make sure all of our products had very simple ingredients. They're creamy but have a matte finish.

Our Lip & Cheek Pencils have the same ingredients, and they are a lip liner, lip colour and cheek colour all in one. It was very important to us that all our products are multi-purpose. It's all in pencil form and they are so easy to use and portable. All of our pencils are manufactured in Germany and our mascara is made in Italy. Our young customers don't want to spend so much, but are willing to spend a decent amount on a quality product. But Nudestix is not just for millenials, but for any modern day woman who is on-the-go, no matter her age.

Did any particular millenial inspire the brand?
My sister and I were kind of obsessed with Cara Delevingne. Not only is she beautiful, but she is real. There's a lack of authenticity with social media today — which is why my sister and I decided to be the faces of Nudestix. We're the girls next door. We are real girls with real problems and real skin issues, and not models with huge campaigns for big cosmetics houses.

What are three of your favourite Nudestix products?
My favourite product would probably be the Lip & Cheek Pencil in Mystic. Mystic is a nice brown neutral. It's kind of a Kylie Jenner lip colour. It's a great everyday lip colour —  you can wear it with mascara and a bit of concealer or with smoky eyes... it's very versatile.

Lip & Cheek Pencil in Mystic, $34

The second one is the Magnetic Eye Color, particularly in Angel and Twilight. I love wearing Angel as a highlighter on your upper cheekbone, your inner tear duct and under your browbone. Twilight is a great crease colour, you draw it right at the crease and blend it out with your finger, or right on your waterline. With all of these products you just apply them and smudge or blend them in... no brush required.

Nudestix Magnetic Eye Colors, $34 each

My final favourite would be the Concealer. There are eight shades altogether. It has a creamy texture with medium coverage so it's great for dark circles. It is not meant for use on the full face, just for spot coverage. I use it to cover blemishes and don't wear any foundation over. All our products come in a reusable tin — this was inspired by Ally's eco-friendliness — and has an 'artisanal' style-wrapping inspired by Altoids. Each one comes with a big mirror and a sharpener. Even if you drop your pencil, you simply sharpen it again, so it's great for travel.

Nudestix Concealer, $34 each

Are there any dream products you would like to create for Nudestix?
I would love to create a BB cream in a pen form. I would also love have a pencil with a clear ball at the tip that dispenses dry oil on-the-go, as I'm obsessed with dry oils.

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