I'm with the brand: Mmerci Encore

I'm with the brand: Mmerci Encore

Aromatherapy delight

Text: Renée Batchelor

For a slice of aromatherapy luxury, indulge in this brilliant, handcrafted brand

The words 'handcrafted' and 'artisanal' are thrown around so often today, it's hard to know when something is really made in a traditional, non-mechanised way. Mmerci Encore is true to its promise — every product you purchase on their online site is hand-blended apothecary-style before being shipped out. This homegrown label was founded by ex-beauty editor Alli Sim as a means of sharing her beauty recipes and love for fresh ingredients and pure aromatherapy oils. 

Why did you start your brand?
When I started Mmerci Encore a few years ago, there were no labels on the local front creating handcrafted beauty products, which is what we've been about since the very beginning. But for me, it was more about a return to my roots where I would create scrubs, masks and oil blends from scratch using ingredients sourced fresh from farms, markets and even our kitchen fridge.

Tell us about the name 'Mmerci Encore'. How did you come up with it and how involved were you in the logo design and packaging?
The name came about many years ago. I had just wrapped an interview with a perfume legend in Paris. My minder, a lovely French lady, was as excited as I was to meet him, and kept repeating: "Merci encore!" (Thanks again, thanks again). And because we're a brand that believes that happiness is so linked to gratitude and celebrating the little things, it stuck. As for the logo, I think it perfectly reveals the two sides to our personality as a label: The ink-stain is a nod to my creative background as a former journalist and stylist, and the scrawl is fluid; a little bit runaway and organic. Kind of like throwing ideas on a whiteboard, there's something really in-the-moment about it. The serif font is polished and exacting — it reminds me of the typefaces used in the great fashion magazines I grew up reading. As for packing, the idea was to incorporate hand-written elements on the labels. I think it was a subconscious move to never lose the feel of the pen. 

Our main motivation is to help people enjoy their Me-time a little more, to help them chill out, lift spirits, and promote better sleepWhere do you source your ingredients from and what is the inspiration behind your products?
The ingredients are sourced primarily in Australia, where I'm originally from, and Europe. We bring all this goodness to Singapore, where they're made in small batches. Our main motivation is to help people enjoy their Me-time a little more, to help them chill out, lift spirits, and promote better sleep. Anything that can help someone feel amazing. That's our main modus operandi.  

How is your brand different and unique from other brands and how do you inject your personality, taste and experience into it?
Dave Grohl once said, "No one is you and that is your power." I try to remember that whenever I'm tempted to play the comparison game. The brand is an extension of who I am. It's like having a child — there's shared DNA. You try to take all your experience and apply that to your child, but you end up learning from them too. 

One client called us "purveyors of everyday magic". Our aromatherapy blends have roots in ancient plant medicine, but also holistically support you in your everyday, modern life. Beauty according to us is less about (claiming to) erase 30 years worth of wrinkles in five days, and more about: OMG, I have to do this con-call with L.A at 11pm when I should be watching Game of Thrones. Applying frankincense and lavender essential oils to my temples so I won't feel like I need to staple things to my head, stat. 

You can be irreverent and real and vulnerable and still inspire people. I hope that comes across in what we do. 

Tell us about your signature products. 
Glow Elixir was our first aromatherapy perfume. Just the act of using the glass roll-on across my wrists and pulse points reminds me of the first grown up perfume I received as a girl. It's a hand-blended formulation of rose geranium, bergamot and other citrus essential oils to help release stress, re-balance the senses, and generally make you feel good. It comes in a super handy roll-on, so it's perfect to pop into your clutch on a night out or have on the desk whenever you need a bit of good energy.   

Flower Thief, Glow Elixir and Afterglow Elixir

The Awakening Organic Sugar Scrub was the first product that started it all. I gave them away as gifts, and to my surprise, friends began to buy them for their friends. I think the scent and texture are addictive. We've received emails from couples telling us how much they love the scent. Imagine your skin being buffed from calves to clavicles with fine organic sugar crystals that have been drenched in pure essential oils. It's a blend of geranium, ginger and patchouli essential oils that help to detox and promote circulation for smooth, radiant skin. There is absolutely no water or fillers in this — just pure aromatherapy goodness. 

As with all our goods, the Invigorating Face Mist is free of alcohols and synthetic chemicals. This rose and chamomile mist is great for sensitive skins as it helps tone, soothe and hydrate skins. Use it on the go: After yoga, or when your skin is feeling flushed or tight especially in-flight. It's a great perk-me-up. 

Invigorating Facial Mist

What are some dream creations?
I've huge and scary dreams but they're safe in my Moleskine for the moment...

Mmerci Encore is available at their online store and at Keepers and Tangs Orchard, Level 2