I’m with the brand: Mandy T skincare

Lovingly handcrafted bath and body treats

I’m with the brand: Mandy T skincare
We speak to the purveyor of quality, chemical-free bath and body products made right here in Singapore

Ever wondered what exactly goes into your jar of face cream, or for that matter your body scrub? Mandy Leena Tan, founder of Mandy T skincare did, which was why she created her own bath & body range in 2013 to cater to this growing segment of eco-and-ingredient conscious consumers who didn't believe in compromising on quality. You may be surprised to know that all her products are crafted on our sunny shores. Expect shorter ingredient lists, recyclable glass containers and perhaps most surprisingly, affordable prices — proving that luxurious-feeling and gorgeously-scented bodycare doesn't have to come at a premium.

Why did you start your brand?
My extensive travelling over the years stoked my passion for seeking and using natural skincare remedies. I find satisfaction and inspiration in the beauty of a healthy body and mind. Over the years, I found myself disappointed by many skincare products that claim to be natural but yet use synthetic dyes, parabens, animal testing or petrochemicals in their products. I wanted to create something more holistic, pure and effective that I could not only use myself but share with others.

What is special about your bodycare products?
At Mandy T, our philosophy is to live as simply and naturally as possible.  We believe that by substituting chemicals with safe, 100 percent plant-based alternatives and eliminating unnecessary packaging and instead using eco-friendly, recyclable glass, we are making a positive change in life and creating a healthier, more sustainable world.

Mandy T offers a new approach to skincare. Each product has its unique blend of ingredients and branding to create a different experience and mood. We currently have a total of 28 varieties of product containing nine different unique collections of body scrubs, body cream and bath salt. All our bath and body care products are freshly handcrafted in small batches at our boutique workshop in Singapore, using only the freshest and premium ingredients sourced from all over the world. 

Packaged in square recyclable glass jars, each featuring a handy ceramic spoon slung around the neck, our eponymous body care range looks like an assortment of condiments. The effect is intentional, to convey the fact that they contain food-grade ingredients. The elastic string provided can be hung around the neck of the bottle in between applications. It's a simple and practical design concept and yet we have not come across any body care product in the local and international established beauty brands that includes this unique feature. 

We are extremely proud and encouraged that Mandy T is the probably the first local artisanal beauty brand in Singapore to bag several prestigious beauty awards including the 'Best Luxurious Body Scrubs', 'Best Plant-Based Body Cream' and 'Best Body Moisturizer' awards since we launched in 2013. Mandy T was also the first beauty brand to be showcased and retailed at the Red Dot Design Museum in 2013.

What are some signature Mandy T products?
1. Serenity Lavender + Chamomile + Bergamot Body Cream, $69.90

Serenity Lavender

A luxurious and deliciously calming and non-greasy cream that melts into skin to calm and maintain  skin health with natural goodness.

2. Detox Lemongrass + Lemon Body Scrub, $49.90

Detox Lemongrass
It is formulated with uplifting fresh lemongrass, lemon and ginger, as well as nourishing wild honey, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, pure lemongrass, lemon and ginger essential oil.

3. Caffeine Arabic Coffee + Coconut Body Scrub, $49.90
Mandy T Caffeine Scrub
Our Caffeine Body Scrub is packed with aromatic freshly grounded Arabic coffee beans and coconut flakes for a perk-me-up before your morning cuppa!

Text: Renée Batchelor

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