I'm with the brand: Commodity Goods

I'm with the brand: Commodity Goods

Not just black and white

Text: Renée Batchelor

Creating scents that has resonated with millennials, Commodity Goods wants you to create a fragrance cocktail that's truly your own

Commodity Goods ticks all the right boxes when it come to appealing to millenials. In clean, minimalist flaçons that are divided into colour codes — Black for complex, heavier scents and White for airier and brighter scents — and with enigmatic single word names like Gin and Rain, these fragrances are as anti-commercial as they come. And the formula has worked for the brand. Says its CEO Ash Huzenlaub, "Commodity is a young brand that is one of the fastest growing fragrance brands to ever hit Sephora. We began 14 months ago in the US and we sold out in six to eight weeks what was supposed to last us six months." 

Currently the brand, which launches exclusively in Sephora Singapore in September (followed by other countries in the region) has 10 fragrances on offer: five in the Black, and five in the White collection. In October, it will be launching its third collection Platinum, with five new scents as well as ancilliary products. We find out more from our chat with Huzenlaub.

Commodity styled
Tell us about Commodity Goods.
Our packaging is minimalist, so people can just enjoy the fragrance. What differentiates us is that we're not aligned with celebrities. We want people to fall in love with the quality of the fragrance. We want you to be to try a fragrance like Gold and be blown away with what you experience.

We currently work with seven master perfumers. Two are from the US, one is from Mexico — the first ever master perfumer from there — a few are French perfumers, and one is from Bulgaria. So we have an eclectic mix of perfumers. Our tagline at Commodity Goods is "Behind every bottle is a story." For us, there are two stories we want to tell. What we wanted to do was tell the life story of the perfumer and what inspired them to make the fragrance, which is something you don't always see. The second is the story of the person who buys the perfume and makes it their own. Fragrance is an emotional experience. As a prestige millenial brand, we've grown through social media, and from there we have seen stories about how our customers associate emotions and memories with our fragrances. The brand has ten fragrances on the market at the moment — five in the White collection and five in the Black collection — and we're expanding to 15, with a new Platinum collection in October.
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Can Commodity Goods fragrances be mixed and matched? 
One of our early inspirations was to allow people to have fun. They're designed to be worn standalone, but certain Commodity connoisseurs will mix them to create a scent cocktail — for example Gold and Whisky. We have suggestions on our site, but there are no rules. Once you find your favourite you can add a second or third fragrance to it.

What are your best-selling scents?
Our overall top-selling scent is Gold. But also Book and Moss from the Black collection and Rain from the White collection. Fragrance is so subjective. I couldn't explain why these are the most popular, but with any fragrance, when you smell it, it has to win you over in that first second. There's an article written about how Moss is the perfume industry's game changer. The fragrances don't lean overly masculine and feminine. Our fragrances are as unique as you are, which works as I'm not a fan of marketing telling me what I should do. My favourite is Wool. Fragrance is a personal choice — it wins you over. I'm a fan of vetiver. I am also very excited about a new fragrance called Tonka, based on the Venezualan tonka bean. 

Will the brand be branching out?
In October we will begin building franchises around each fragrance, starting with the Platinum collection. You'll see candles, soaps and pulse point oils.

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Tell us about the new Platinum collection.
Well the Black collection was darker, the White collection was light and airy. The Platinum collection is eclectic with premium ingredients, but we've kept the prices the same. We didn't want to outprice ourselves, especially for our loyal fan base. We wanted them to share and experience them equally as the other two collections.

How has social media changed the game with perfumery?
There is the fact that we're indie and not mainstream... and the understanding that in buying Commodity, they might be the only one in the room that smells that way. We started with 10 fragrances at one go, so that there was something for everyone, we've got the whole spectrum covered from floral to dark to musky, and we're expanding with the Platinum collection. Even if you don't find something as a standalone, you'll be able to mix something that is unique. It's an interactive fragrance. You can pay a few thousand dollars for your own bespoke fragrance, but you don't have to do that... you can just buy Commodity. 

Commodity Goods will be available exclusively in Sephora from September