How to hide a hangover: Best makeup and skincare tricks to mask a dull, tired appearance

How to hide a hangover: Best makeup and skincare tricks to mask a dull, tired appearance

Blame it on the alcohol

Text: Emily Heng

If you're reading this hunched over a toilet bowl with your phone's brightness turned down low, congratulations! You're hungover — and are currently feeling the debilitating effects of indulging in too much tipple. Unfortunately, you probably look as bad as you feel. Hey, we're not the type to mince our words, so let's be frank: last night's debauchery has manifested in the form of a puffy face, bloodshot eyes, and humongous eye bags.

How to hide a hangover: Best makeup and skincare tricks to mask a dull, tired appearance (фото 1)

Lucky for you, we're not here to judge your slump of shame. Instead, we are offering our assistance. Below, a handy list of hangover beauty tips to help erase any lingering aftereffects of alcohol from your moneymaker. Now, if only the same can be said for all booze-fuelled decisions, eh?

Reach for your face roller

We know, we know. You can barely comprehend this article, let alone indulge in a massage that requires you to, well, sit up to accomplish. Hear us out, though — kneading your facial muscles doesn't just help you feel more relaxed, it also boosts circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage. This would be a quick and easy way to de-puff your bloat. Celebrity aesthetician to the stars, Joanna Vargas, swears by it. Start from the bottom of your chin and work your roller upwards in soothing, even motions for ten minutes to see optimal results.


Load up on the hydrating products

Alcohol is a known diuretic, so dry, flaking, and peeling skin is expected after throwing back shots. Your priority is to get that moisture level back up, so be sure to down some H2O before drenching your face in a line-up of hydrating toners, serums, masks, and moisturisers. Keep an eye out for those with anti-inflammatory properties — they will help eradicate any remaining skin redness or sensitivity in a jiffy.


Colour-correct and conceal

First things first: evaluate the under-eye situation. For those with bluish toned dark circles, swipe on a salmon- or pink-toned hue before concealing. Green counteracts eye bags that skew red, while yellow-based correctors work like magic against purple-tinged shadows. The theory applies for the rest of your face, too — load up on a green-coloured corrector to banish any residual redness and zits, pink to conceal stark veins, and yellow for purplish discolouration.


Disguise your red eye

If you're up for it, consider some seriously flashy eye makeup to distract from your blood-red peepers. If you can barely hold up your eyeliner without wanting to stab yourself with it though, grab a flesh-toned liner and etch your waterline with it. This diverts dark shadows and gives the semblance of larger, doe-like orbs.


Sculpt your swollen mug

That earlier massage should have brought most of the swelling down, but there's always room for improvement. if your face is still looking a little doughy, whip that trusty sculpting kit out and get to work. Swap out powder-based formulas for liquid ones, which tend to be more forgiving on dry skin. For a convincing contour under five minutes, simply dot it in the hollows of cheeks, down the sides of your nose, and along the hairline before blending it out.