How to cheat your way to a slimmer face using just makeup

How to cheat your way to a slimmer face using just makeup

Slim shading

Text: Emily Heng

Editor: Jolene Khor

Image: @christinanadin | Instagram
Image: @nyane | Instagram

Save for the genetically blessed, the chiselled cheekbones of Bella Hadid remains a faraway fantasy that us plebeians indulge in whenever we glimpse our double chins on our phone's front-facing cameras. And while we're all about embracing our fish ball cheeks and jiggly bits, there are days where we just want to have a jawline sharp enough to cut through those backhanded jibes about our face's startling resemblance to an overstuffed dumpling. Capiche?

In lieu of hitting the gym — the hard work can wait until after CNY— we present to you the best of face slimming makeup techniques to add to your repertoire. A sweat-free session with a side of instant gratification? Yes, please.

1. Create HD definition by contouring
While tricky, contouring — when done right — can add a slimming effect, create definition, and shape your features just how you like 'em. The golden rule? Opt for a contour shade one to two shades darker than your skin tone. This hence provides that coveted slimming effect we're all vying for. To make those cheekbones pop, pucker your lips slightly (see: duck face selfie of 2010) and find the diagonal line from the center of your cheek up towards your ear. Once located, sweep a dusting of contour powder over it. To define the jaw, go at it from ear to ear and blend downwards towards the neck.



2. Complement your contour with highlight
There's a fine line between glowy and looking, uh, just plain ol' greasy, so be sure to keep it contained when busting out the highlighter. Remember: lighter shades bring features forward, so limit it to spots you want people to pay attention to. A safe bet is to keep it to the tops of cheekbones (to bring out that contour), down the sides of your nose bridge, and on the cupid's bow above your lip.



3. Blush placement makes all the difference
Rather than keeping them on the apples of your cheeks, try applying them a little higher than usual. Known as draping, this technique serves to elongate 'em cheekbones, drawing your attention upwards and creating the impression of a slimmer visage. Just make sure to blend them out properly, ladies — getting baboon butt comparisons is never ideal.  



4. Get your brows right
Unfortunately, those straight Korean-style brows aren't doing any favours when it comes to slimming the face. A higher, more pronounced arch balances out rounder face shapes, making them appear longer and smaller.



5. Keep those flicks high and kicking
A dramatic eye look will keep the focus on your peepers rather than your non-existent jaw-line, so bring out the big guns with winged liner, multiple coats of mascara, and a cut crease that will have the compliments raining in.