This high-tech skincare brand uses space technology to fight ageing

This high-tech skincare brand uses space technology to fight ageing

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Text: Renée Batchelor

A skincare brand that marries performance, technology and luxury, you can finally buy 111SKIN in store, in its first ever Singapore beauty counter

Dr Yannis Alexandrides, the founder and CEO of 111SKIN, is not just any brand creator. He's also a trained plastic surgeon who still practices out of his clinic in Harley Street in London. (In fact the 111 in the brand name comes from his practice's address). Inspired to create skincare for his customers that marries high-performance with luxury — coining a new term, scientific luxury — he started the brand with just one product, the Original Dramatic Healing Serum, that went the equivalent of viral, thanks to its incredible efficacy. You see the serum actually used NAC Y² technology that was first developed to help astronauts recover from space travel, but also had amazing effects on the skin. The brand has since grown and continued building on its ethos is to be surgically-inspired, science-led and to give clinical results, winning celebrity fans like Margot Robbie and Sofia Coppola.

111SKIN now includes five collections: Reparative, Intensive, Prescriptive, Treatment and Regenerative, that cater to different skin needs. The brand is especially known for its groundbreaking Y Theorem Repair Serum — the next generation version of its original serum, as well as its collection of fast-working and innovative masks. Now for the first time, 111SKIN is available in an actual beauty counter, in Robinsons The Heeren. Find out more about the brand from its founder, Dr Alexandrides.

Dr Yannis Alexandrides

What was the main reason you wanted to produce 111SKIN as a commercial skincare brand, and why did you choose to work with Harrods for your launch?
111SKIN came as a result of the Original Dramatic Healing Serum I initially created for my patients to heal post-surgery. The incredible efficacy of the serum spread through word of mouth and Harrods approached me wanting to launch the product. This encouraged me to design a brand for the serum and launch new products, thus welcoming 111SKIN to Harrods and to the UK skin care market.

What is your aim in marrying high performance and luxury skincare, and what are some ways in which we can see both aspects in 111SKIN products?
We consider all aspects of the customer journey, from our branding, packaging, the way the product feels, high quality ingredients, and most importantly the efficacy. Our Harley Street heritage means that it was intrinsic from day one to the brand like this.

Y Theorem Repair Light Serum NAC Y²

How do you manage to capture such cutting-edge science and technology in your products? 
As a cosmetic surgeon, I have an in depth understanding of skin, I look at skin as a 3D healing system — much more than just aesthetically. This prompts me to research advanced techniques and pioneering delivery systems to improve our skin care. Take our Meso Infusion Overnight Masks for example, these needle-free patches use micro cones of pure actives to mimic the in-clinic procedure of Mesotherapy — proven to alleviate lines and wrinkles.

What are the products and innovations that you find the most interesting and truly innovative, and you are especially proud of? What would you say is 111SKIN's star product?
Our star product has to be the Y Theorem Repair Serum, this serum was the next generation of the Original Dramatic Healing Serum (first headhunted by Harrods) and debut product for 111SKIN.

One of our most innovative treatments is LUNAR 28, this intensive brightening program provides a four-week long regime that utilises the skins natural renewal cycle and cutting-edge ingredients in order to effectively treat hyperpigmentation.

What are the products that you use on a daily basis? Can you share your regimen with us?
A good routine would be simply cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser, eye product, and then SPF (in the day time). I can't stress enough the importance of using a serum — more so than any other product, many people overlook this product and think serum is the same as a moisturiser when in fact it has many different properties.  A moisturiser is primarily for enhancing hydration, moisture, and suppleness. A serum on the other hand is a low viscosity, nutrient-rich delivery medium including meticulously selected ingredients to combat specific skin concerns.

111SKIN Prescriptive Collection

The brand has many interesting masks. Why was it important to create these fast-working and targeted treatments?
I am incredibly proud of the status we have gained for our masks, with many trusted and used by Hollywood A Listers, their makeup artists, and Victoria's secret models. I believe the masks are important because they are incredibly efficient, they nourish the skin with efficacious actives yet the mask itself acts as a barrier to allow these ingredients to soak deep into the skin. They are also popular for travelling.

Who are the 111SKIN customers? What are they like, and what are their demands and skin needs?
Our customers want to invest in their skin, they look for the most on-demand delivery methods and efficacious formulas that work. They want to look and feel their best, seek proven results, and find comfort in the 111SKIN reputation. They are also looking for in-clinic results without going under the knife or a needle-free alternative

We exist for the people that understand how their skin behaves, and for those who recognise how fundamental research and quality ingredients are for their complexion.

111SKIN Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask, $198 for 4 pieces

Are there any exciting products in the pipeline for the brand?
We are continuously looking to develop and improve our product ranges, with many exciting launches taking place in 2018. We are just about to launch Meso Infusion Day Defence Hydration Mask and Meso Infusion Overnight Clinical Mask that work in synergy around the clock to provide endless 24-hour hydration.

111SKIN is exclusively available at Robinsons The Heeren