Happy Chopard Bigaradia is the millennial-friendly scent we’ve all been waiting for

Happy Chopard Bigaradia is the millennial-friendly scent we’ve all been waiting for

Gen Y

Text: Emily Heng

Millennials have been blamed for the downfall of... well, just about everything, from the movie business to, uh, plastic straws. In fact, Google's top search result upon typing in 'millennials' is — you guessed it! — 'millennials ruin everything.' Eep.

But it appears that it is not a mindset held by everybody. Meet Dora Bagriche, perfumer for Chopard and creator of their latest fragrance, Happy Chopard Bigaradia; which credits young, thriving millennials as its source of inspiration.

"The younger generation is so much more conscious now, socially and environmentally and such," she says, with a laugh. "And I was inspired by that. What we're trying to do at Chopard — with the Happy Chopard Bigaradia, specifically — is to bring this consciousness into a fragrance. To exhibit playful, creative, and positive emotions when it comes to thinking about the planet and its people, as millennials do."


To view Gen Y in such a positive light is a refreshing change, no doubt, though it does give cause for wonder. Specifically, how does one capture the essence of a millennial in fragrance? And what is the thought-process behind creating such a one-of-a-kind scent? We sit down with the woman of the hour to find out more, delving deep into her (many) sources of inspiration, her favourite fragrances, and the one ingredient you'll never find in her scents.

What is the first thing you do when you begin creating a fragrance?
The very first thing is to collect ideas, of course! Inspiration and ideas come from everywhere, for me. From the people that I meet to the connections I make with two things that have nothing to do with each other at all. Creativity is the ability to combine two things that are not meant to be together. It's inviting new couples, new families, and I love that.

So, we hear that the Happy Chopard Bigaradia is inspired by millennials...?
Yes. Namely, vegans. [Laughs] I think it is fascinating that this new generation is constantly seeking healthy food, healthy experiences... And so, we really focus on bringing high-quality ingredients and sustainability to Chopard fragrances in a way that speaks to them.


What is it about this fragrance that reminds you of Generation Y?
The star ingredient is orange blossom, but I combined with carrot seeds to give a very bohemian chic aroma, something that embodies the spirit of freedom. I also included carrots because of how we consume it to 'capture' the light, to get our fill of vitamin D, and it felt fitting because the whole Happy Chopard range is about positive emotions and joy.

Interesting. What are some other unconventional ingredients you'd like to feature in a future fragrance?
Perhaps sesame. We have a bit of it in Bigaradia. It is in the background, and it has this nutty, addictive, even a little bit like chocolately scent. It is very different from what we're used to selling! [Laughs] This collection is just all about unconventional accords, too.


Are there any ingredients that you personally don't like and will never work with?
Personally, maybe not too much of oud scents, but except for that, I'd say I have no restrictions as a creator. I don't want to have any boundaries. Actually, even when it comes to oud fragrances! Oud was not trendy as it is today, but back then, I would use it in a very different way, where I put in floral accords to make it sweet, make it less animalistic... I'm always taking raw materials and really going beyond, using my imagination to push this ingredient to something we don't expect.

If you could have a celebrity represent the Happy Chopard Bigaria, who would it be?
Marion Cotillard. She's fighting for climate change, fighting for the new generation to be more conscious... I think she would be a perfect fit for this collection. Girls who are grounded, natural, and spontaneous really embody this fragrance.


What is your everyday fragrance?
I actually don't wear a fragrance every day. I have to smell up to 50 different fragrances a day for work, so between my trials, the fragrances that I smell outside, and the new fragrances that are brought to my desk every day... it's a lot. So, if I start putting fragrance on myself every day, it'll be a problem! I do use them on weekends and for holidays, though, and l love Orris and vanilla, so I opt for Guerlain's Shalimar or Happy Chopard Lemon Dulci. It is like a basic for me, now!

Ah, so it is a personal favourite of all three?
It's like a white shirt for me, you know? Or underwear! From the shower, I put some on, and it just gives me so much energy.


If you were a fragrance, how would you describe yourself?
For today, I would be a floral. Not a heavy floral, but maybe a woody floral. It would basically be a mix of roots, seeds and flowers. I'm a little complex as a person so the perfume would be equally as complex.

If there is one scent or fragrance that you could smell for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I'd like to point out that I'm not going to be happy about it, first. [Laughs] Okay, but I guess it would be orange blossoms. It is a symbol of luck, and I grew up in North Africa, where orange blossom is king. For all three scents under Happy Chopard, I have basically combined personal memories, experiences, and imagination, so it's hard to pick just one. 


Lastly, what does Happy Chopard's philosophy of 'do good, feel good' mean to you?
It is about doing my best. Being better for the world, so it can be better for people. I am personally very moved by Chopard's journey of sustainability. This commitment to people and the planet is key for me as a creator. Thanks to the philosophy, I have changed my way of creating fragrances, such as through the quality of my ingredients. Even if I use less, I want the ingredients used to very high quality. I want to be sure that this material is fairly sourced, that it is the best quality I can have... it truly pushes me in creating.