Hair salons, makeup artists, and facials beloved by Singapore’s famous faces: Yvette King, Fiona Fussi, Nadiah M. Din, etc

Hair salons, makeup artists, and facials beloved by Singapore’s famous faces: Yvette King, Fiona Fussi, Nadiah M. Din, etc

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @fionafussi
Image: Instagram | @aimeechengbradshaw

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've witnessed the gradual, yet marked, change in the media landscape. Innovative, original content is hotly in demand (Netflix productions); authenticity valued more than ever from labels and corporations (e.g. the Sunday Riley saga); while digital campaigns have overtaken traditional advertising as the primary mode of marketing. Times are a-changin', cultivating a space ripe for the growth of another key player within the sphere: the key opinion leader. They're not merely influential individuals who've proven to have unparalleled sway over their fans — they are experts within their field too, whether that's in music, drama, or fashion.

Which makes them trusted sources within the beauty community, and beyond. Ergo, we consulted friends of Buro., Yvette King, Fiona FussiVanessa Fernandez, and more, to name some of the hottest treatments, salons, and people they will love well into 2020.

Aimee Cheng Bradshaw, model

"If there's one facial treatment I can't live without, it's the HydraFacial at Mizu Aesthetic. My skin is super reactive, so I'm pretty prone to reactions and breakouts post-facial.. but never here. Not only is it gentle on my complexion, it also clears away all dirt, impurities, and clogged matter effortlessly. Seriously, I could rave about it all day."


Vanessa Fernandez, artist-producer

"My trusted makeup artist has to be Dewi Mahoney, who's been a friend for a long time. I got to know her when I made an album with her husband, Jason Tan. When I first started out in the entertainment industry in the 2000s, makeup was such a pain because most artists I worked with didn't know what sort of shades would work best on me, or how to do eye makeup that would complement my features. I always had foundation that was too light slathered on my face, and strange, shimmery shadows applied to my lids that just weren't flattering. I never felt confident performing when they did my makeup. Dewi, on the other hand, understands how makeup works for different skin tones. I love that she focuses on skin prep, and always creates looks that make me feel feminine and powerful. She's also really knowledgable about skincare! She recently advised me through a rough skin patch I had, and now it's looking better than ever."

Fiona Fussi, model

"NeXt salon has been taking care of my hair for years. I'm so, so particular with my hair, and my usual stylist, Jerry, is very aware of my needs and wants. NeXt is also particular adept with their scalp massages — that's probably the best part of my visit every time I make my way there."


Yvette King, host of E! Online Asia

"My go-to facial place is definitely SW1 Clinic. After I gave birth to my twins, I was in a serious need of a mummy makeover — or a fairy glam-mother to make me feel like myself again. SW1 Clinic had a big part to play in that. I love that they tailor treatments to cater to my skin concerns specifically, and that they are all backed by science and medicine."


Nadiah M. Din, actress and host

"My all-time favourite hair salon is, hands down, FDP located at 18 Jalan Masjid. They provide tip-top service in every aspect. My regular stylist, Angeline, delivers brilliantly every time, and I love how cozy the space feels. There's even a curtain partition to ensure your privacy if you're not comfortable letting others see you during your treatment, which I greatly appreciate."