We speak to the founder of THREE to find out his inspiration for this chic, natural cosmetics brand

We speak to the founder of THREE to find out his inspiration for this chic, natural cosmetics brand

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Is there room for yet another new skincare and cosmetics name on the scene? When you see the clean, streamlined and natural offerings from THREE, your answer will be a resounding yes

Japanese skincare and cosmetics have always been at the cutting edge. But THREE cosmetics have stood out by taking a chic and modern approach to skincare and cosmetics that coincidentally is in line with many of the major trends today including 'clean' cosmetics and minimalist design. First up, we can't ignore the beautiful, simple package adorned only with the brand name in caps on each bottle and jar that embodies the Japanese wabi sabi aesthetic. Then there are the products. The brand has two main, seemingly contradictory pillars that are actually complementary — pure, natural skincare and supplements and trendy base and point makeup —  and is based on three principles, natural, honest and creative products.

Many of THREE's skincare products and supplements are naturally-derived as the brand believes in a holistic approach to beauty. But it's makeup is modern and trend-driven, giving fans of the brand, the best of both worlds. And if you're looking to extend that zen experience, you'll be glad to know the brand's first spa will be opening soon in Singapore. We speak to THREE's founder Yasushi Ishibashi, a veteran of the beauty industry, to find out his inspiration and ethos.

After working in beauty for 30 years, why was your main intention with creating THREE? What, in your opinion was missing in the skincare market?
Over my years in the industry, I see that the desire and passion for beauty is increasing among women due to the advancement of social media, digital process of images and cosmetic surgery. Thus we have to keep up and respond to their needs with skincare and cosmetics. I started THREE a short, eight years old. Back in the day, there were many products that promised instant effects to the skin, but they did not actually solve the radical causes of the skin's concerns.

This is and continues to be my main intention and driving force behind creating THREE — creating products that boost our skin's innate power and beauty by taking the time to solve the radical causes of each skin concern, and creating a balanced regimen for our mind, body and skin. It might take some time, but once it begins to show results, you will never return to other products.

Why the name THREE? Please explain your brand concept and why clean beauty is such a big trend?
The name THREE, is a symbol of creation. A third value is created from the crossing of two contradictory values — for instance nature & amp; technology, sensibility and evidence.

The brand's concept is based on the notion that the mind, body and skin are inseparable. Thus, THREE proposes a holistic regimen to bring out one's beauty. THREE believes that true beauty lies in living with a positive, open attitude, and by respecting both the precious blessings of nature and oneself as part of it.

The lifestyle of modern women in recent times is getting increasingly hectic and stressful. At times women are much busier than men due to work, household chores and children. Not forgetting the climate changes in the global environment and a more stressful society, women face many more different kinds of internal and external stressors. Thus a healing regimen is needed, and this is where THREE products can help one achieve a balanced regimen for your mind, body and skin.

The packaging of THREE is beautiful and very minimalist. Why was it it important for you to have this modern design and what are the Japanese elements of the design you wanted to have?
I wanted to imbue the traditional Japanese sense of beauty wabi sabi into the packaging design, which means to minimise and remove any excess or extra factors. I believe this complements our brand's belief of a mindful lifestyle.

Back in the day, cosmetic bottles were made of glass but as time pass, they were gradually changed to plastic in order to minimize the cost of production. However, we continue to product our products in glass bottles to maintain and present the dignity and grace of cosmetics.

At the launch of THREE Cosmetics

What are your three favourite products from the brand and which do you use yourself?
The Scalp & amp; Hair Care & amp and the Definitive Care (Men's Line). I also use the Conditioning Mist to switch between active and relax modes, especially when I'm working.

Why is it important to have base makeup that has natural ingredients and how does this care for your skin?
Since we are wearing makeup on our faces all day long, I consider having our base makeup as an extension of skincare. Therefore, we need natural ingredients that are gentle to skin, protecting it from dehydration, roughness or dullness but at the same time, providing flawless coverage.

Tell us about your supplements. How can they help with holistic skincare?
We design our supplements not only as health care, but also as beauty care products to complement our daily diet. All of them are made with plant-derived ingredients and quality oil to enhance the holistic effect of our cosmetic products. We are the pioneer brand that has focused on the importance of taking quality oils into our body.

What can Singapore look forward to with the THREE spa? What are some of the signature treatments from the brand?
By making the most of THREE's skincare and body products carefully formulated from organic essential oils, combined with the refined techniques of our spa therapists, we take a holistic approach of caring for both the body and mind. Each menu is based on the biological rhythm of the human body to bring out the best effect, which is the namesake of our spa Rhythm Spa.

THREE will be available from September at TANGS at Tang Plaza, Level 4