Foundation pro tips and tricks of the trade according to Kat Von D makeup artist, Tara Buenrostro

Foundation pro tips and tricks of the trade according to Kat Von D makeup artist, Tara Buenrostro

Coveted coverage

Text: Emily Heng

A smooth, even canvas is a prerequisite for most artists before commencing work on their masterpiece; a sentiment often shared by most makeup aficionados. After all, flawless complexion, a.k.a. a smooth base — or canvas — is the key to effortless makeup application. Highlighters go on with just a swipe of the brush; shimmers won't sink into the cracks of pitted acne scars. Blush wouldn't have to contend with redness or inflammation either. And contouring? Discernable without huge pores distracting.

Baby smooth skin is at the mercy of a stellar skincare routine, but those in need of a quick fix, can count on the flaw-diffusion properties of a good foundation. A browse at all available options is enough to make heads spin, especially when strong contenders such as Kat Von D's new-and-improved Lock-it Powder Foundation re-joining the mix this year. Formulated for a soft, flawless finish without heaviness or dryness, this bad boy is looking to be quite the comeback kid.


And who better to tell us how to use it than a makeup artist from Kat Von D? We hear from Tara Buenrostro of Kat Von D's Artistry Collective team to tell us more: from how to maintain a matte complexion in Singapore's crazy humidity to her most-used tools to getting her foundation just right.

How did you and Kat meet?
I've been working with Kat now for almost three years now. It all started when I posted a green metallic lip art I created using Kat Von D Beauty products, and Kat literally slid into my DMs! She told me how much she admired my art and the lip I created, and we got to talking. Next thing I knew, she invited me to her house to film a lip tutorial with her. We ended up becoming fast friends. 


What do you look for in a foundation?
I personally think that foundation is one of the most personal aspects of make-up. It's really up to personal preference. I like to ask myself: what do I want my skin to look like today? Different foundations and finishes also have different wear times so that's definitely another thing to pay attention to.

Do you always have foundation on? 
Most of the time, though I actually love the "no makeup, makeup" look recently. It is really achievable with our new Lock It Powder foundation because it's incredibly versatile. I can just dust it on over some concealer to get an effortlessly luminous complexion. 


It is possible to achieve good coverage with powder foundations? Can it look natural?
Absolutely! One of the things I love most about this Kat Von D Beauty Lock-it Powder Foundation is that there are a million ways you can apply it, and you'll always have beautiful skin. You could use a brush, a sponge, or even a BeautyBlender. For full coverage application, I recommend a dense brush like our #22 face brush, or the actual sponge applicator our foundation comes with. If you want more of a natural look, use a powder brush like the #20 or the #25.

Do different application styles of the same foundation provide different finishes?
The way I choose my foundation tools really depends on the type of finish, texture and coverage I'm trying to achieve. If I'm trying to achieve a full coverage matte finish, I'll use a dense foundation brush, like our #22 brush or a damp beauty blender. If I'm going for a soft, satin finish, I love using a BeautyBlender then set it with our #25 brush.


What do you do to prep skin before applying powder foundation?
The first and biggest thing is make sure you take your makeup off every night. It makes such a world of difference. I also love to apply the Kat Von D Beauty Lock-it Hydration Primer before application because it's water-based, so your skin drinks it right up and it makes the perfect base for a flawless foundation application every time.

What are your tips on achieving a matte complexion in a crazy humid country like Singapore?
The easiest way to keep your makeup matte is to make sure all the products you are using are on the same page. So, you want foundation, concealer, and powder formulas to have a long-wear mattifying claim. Also, keep your application tools clean, whether you use brushes, sponges or a BeautyBlender as it will help maintain that matte effect from your products for a lot longer.