Five steps to a flawless face

Make Up For Ever

Five steps to a flawless face
Make Up For Ever's international trainer Aurelie Daniel gives us her failproof steps for achieving a flawless base

Make Up For Ever is known especially for its High Definition (HD) makeup items —a godsend for makeup artists and those constantly in front of the camera. This past September, the brand introduced their new Ultra HD foundation. A step above the norm, this foundation was designed to be used with 4K compatible cameras that have a level of detail four times higher than a regular HD camera — imagine how clear the details on the face like pores, spots and wrinkles will appear. Here to help is Aurelie Daniel, the brand's efferverscent international trainer, as she gives us steps on achieving perfect-looking (but still natural) skin with the help of the brand's makeup. 

#1 Start from the base
You need to always begin with hydrated skin. Flakey, patchy and dry skin will never have that effortless glow. The most important step according to Daniel is applying Step 1 — a popular range of primers from the brand that comes in different hues. In Singapore the blue and mauve shades are the most popular, while the pink shade does well globally. These primers not only moisturise and prepare the skin, they can boost radiance, or correct sallowness and redness. 

#2 Get a soft focus effect with a special blend
To get that soft focus finish, Daniel advises mixing the new Ultra HD foundation with a Smoothing Primer from the Step 1 range. It gives skin the same airbrushed feel as the HD powder by blurring the appearance of skin. Mix it with your foundation in a 1:1 proportion before application. This is especially great for the T-zone and the cheek areas if you have oily skin. You can also mix your concealer with the Smoothing Primer for a similar effect.

#3 Use the right tools
Makeup brushes and tools are very important as they determine how your makeup looks on you. The right tools and application will give you a smooth and even finish. When picking a brush for your foundation, you have to also think of the kind of effect that you would like to attain on your skin. For a more transparent, airbrushed effect, try a brush like #122, and apply it in round strokes. But if you want more coverage and an intense finish, go for a flat top brush like #154.

#4 Apply HD powder... but not too much
One of the brand's bestsellers is the HD Powder. The best way to apply it is using a kabuki brush. However, many women tend to apply a tad too much powder at the eye areas. To prevent overpowdering, Daniel says you should start applying the powder on your cheeks and other areas first, before moving on to the eyes.

#5 For fresh and dewy skin, apply some Mist & Fix
When you apply too much powder your skin can look a bit fake and patchy... think the Kardashian sisters. Daniel's tip? Spray some Mist & Fix, the brand's makeup setting spray some distance from your face and gently dab with a tissue to remove the excess. This will restore some of the skin's natural texture so you don't look too made up. It is also great for getting that dewy, glowing look — simply spray and allow the mist to set naturally.

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Text: Renée Batchelor

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