Five makeup hacks a Dior Pro Team makeup artist taught us

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Five makeup hacks a Dior Pro Team makeup artist taught us
Yoshitomo Takahashi, a makeup artist who is part of the elite Dior Pro Makeup team, gives us five awesome makeup tips that will transform your everyday routine

Makeup tips are a dime a dozen today. Every last Instagram beauty guru and their mother has a range of tricks up their sleeve. Here at Buro 24/7, we prefer to trust the experts who not only have experience on a variety of different faces, work everywhere (from backstage at fashion week to cutting-edge editorial shoots), have tried various products and techniques and basically posses a wealth of experience. We met with Yoshitomo Takahashi, a Japanese makeup expert who is one of the 15 members of the Dior Pro Makeup team, to get some true, insider hacks that will give your makeup that professional finish. 


1. Only apply primer and foundation where you need it... not on your entire face
Many makeup artists and everyday women apply primer on the entire face, but Takahashi says you need only apply primer on the areas that require more coverage, such as the T-zone. Follow up with foundation on these same areas, and wherever extra coverage is needed, as the purpose of makeup is to beautify the complexion, not create a mask-like finish. This will also help keep makeup light in our humid weather.

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2. If you want to contour, start with illuminator first and only add a darker shade if it is needed
Says Takahashi, "The trick is not to immediately darken the face. Use highlighter first under the eyes, on the T-zone and the sides of the nose." This immediately makes the centre of the face looking 'higher' than the rest of your features. If this effect is not enough, you can then introduce a darker shade which can be applied at the jawline to help sculpt the face. If you have a fair to medium-toned complexion, you can also blend the two colours in the Diorblush Sculpt, to get a medium, in-between shade. This medium shade will work on most skin tones (except very dark skin), for a natural contouring effect. Apply this product underneath the cheekbones in a downwards motion, following an angle that is parallel to your jawline for a sharp profile. And draw a reverse number three shape at the part of your temples that protrude, to visibly slim down your face.


3. Use Dior's Lip Maximizer to tone down your lip colour
First, this multi-tasking product can improve the condition of lips by reducing lines and wrinkles and plumping them up, so the surface looks moisturised. After applying the Lip Maximizer, apply your lipstick on top. This will add some shine and also lighten the lip colour and make it look more natural. Fun fact: This product is not just cosmetic, it also be used as a night treatment before you hit the sheets.

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4. Start drawing eyeliner on your smaller eye first
Look at your eyes carefully. It is likely that the size of the eye and the lid itself (and even the thickness of your double eyelid fold) will differ slightly between your left and right eye. Always start drawing liner on your smaller eye. This is so you can then adapt your liner to the bigger eye to balance it out more. How? Adjust your liner accordingly — draw a slightly thinner line for the bigger eye, so the two eyes appear balanced. Not good with liner? Divide your upper eye line into three sections. First, draw from the outer corner inwards. Next draw from the inner corner towards the pupil. If you think it is still not sufficient, fill in the centre portion as well, joining the two lines. This will help shape the eyeliner to your eye shape without over-extending it by too much.


5. Draw a defined line at the bottom of your eyebrow, but always blend the top of your eyebrows for a more natural look
A palette always gives a more 3D effect as compared to a pencil. Dior All-in-Brow 3D comes with a lighter and darker colour and a waterproof wax. Choose the lighter colour to fill in the entire brows. Only use the darker colour where there is no hair or the hair is very sparse. Apply the wax on the hairs that are dropping to keep them in place. When drawing brows always follow the shape of the hair growth. If you look at your brows, your hair grows upwards in the area nearest to the nose, then at a horizontal angle for the main body of the brows, and at the ends, the hair grows in a downwards direction. You can do a dark and precise line on the bottom of the brow to give it structure, but you have to blend the top of the brows, so it looks natural. After drawing, use an eyebrow spoolie brush to blend the upper brow line well, so your brows don't look too boxy and precise.

Text: Renée Batchelor

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