How to beat the ageing signs of stress the French way

How to beat the ageing signs of stress the French way

Check into the skin rescue lounge

Text: Angelyn Kwek

An instantaneous cure for regaining the baby skin of your youth might still be light-years away, but EstheClinic’s new Urban Skin Remedy treatments come pretty darn close. Here, we give the ‘Beat the Stress’ regime a whirl

Clogged pores. Pigmentation. Dullness. Fine lines. If you're scowling at all of the above, you're suffering from urban skin woes not unlike the complexion conundrums commonly dogging most Singaporean women. Living in our fair garden city means our skin wears more than just makeup and pollution; the hectic lifestyle, stress-inducing nine to five and lack of sleep contribute to a lackluster countenance, on top of daily UV exposure in our ever-muggy climes. All of these factors snowball into external and internal stressors on the skin, and before you know it, you're facing down the dreaded ticking biological clock when it comes to your appearance.

To that end, EstheClinic has launched a new suite of aesthetic treatments curated to suit busy urbanites looking to rid their skin issues without having to squeeze in the hassle of countless trips to the clinic. Lauded as the first-mover in aesthetic programmes that provide quick-fix skin solutions, the brand wields over two decades of experience, is armed with the latest technologies from France, and has been a firm go-to for French women for years (now you know their secret to looking good). Completely painless and non-invasive with immediate and lasting results, the new programmes — 'Beat the Stress', 'Beat the Heat', and 'Beat the Clock' — are right up our alley, particularly the first because lord knows we take 24/7 quite literally at Buro.

EstheClinic Urban Skin Remedies

A skin consultation by EstheClinic's specialist later, who likewise recommended 'Beat the Stress' to address enlarged pores and the beginnings of some pigmentation, the treatment's two-pronged approach got to work, combining the different technologies of radio frequency and intense pulsed light to effectively target the specific concerns. Doing so increases the benefit of the other, so the results are amplified over a short period of time. Here's how they stack up:

Post-cleanse, an oil lubricant is applied over the face to allow the RF's handheld apparatus to glide smoothly over the skin. Going across the face in a combination of lifting strokes along the jawline up to the cheekbone, in circular strokes on the apples of the cheeks, and back and forth over the forehead, you'll feel a comfortable heat throughout the process. This is followed by a smaller device designed to fit the contours of the eyes, which delivers a slight cooling sensation.

Likened to a warming face massage, the RF process helps to activate the skin and prep it for the next step, as well as to tighten and firm the facial contours for a more V-shaped appearance. FYI, this part easily puts you to sleep, and I totally succumbed halfway into the 20-minute procedure.

EstheClinic Urban Skin Remedies 

Once you're roused (or not) when the RF wraps up, you're moved to a different room where the IPL machine is housed to begin the second half of the treatment. While IPL is traditionally associated with hair removal, changing the intensity allows it to target pigmentation, brighten the complexion and tighten pores. First, a cool, thick gel goes on before you're fitted with an eye mask for protection against the IPL's rays. Then the machine is fired up, going over the face in pulses of bright light with your therapist concentrating on the problem areas.

At this point, you'll start smelling a faint charring, which is completely normal as the IPL happens to get rid of the fine baby hairs on the face — an added bonus, in our books. There may also be the occasional twinge if there's a particularly stubborn spot of pigmentation but fret not, it rates pretty low on the pain scale.
EstheClinic Urban Skin Remedies

Results: Immediately after, there was a definitive glow to my face and the small smattering of pigmentation on a corner of my cheek did look a lot less noticeable as well. A quick fix indeed, one more follow-up session was all that was required to complete the programme and the effects are guaranteed to last several weeks — the catch being that you needed to pen down your next appointment within the next seven days as the short time frame allows the procedures to better ameliorate the results from the first session.

And if one go round isn't enough for you, longer-lasting effects can be achieved if the programme is repeated regularly. Of course, it goes without saying that sunblock is essential post-treatment to protect your skin as it'll be more sensitive, as well as to prevent further pigmentation and sun damage. With a visibly improved complexion I couldn't stop marveling over — and in what amounts to only a couple of hours for the entire programme — EstheClinic's Urban Skin Remedies is a skin fix this beauty writer is totally saying huzzah to.

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