Go coconuts over Marc Jacobs Beauty's latest summer collection

Go coconuts over Marc Jacobs Beauty's latest summer collection

Loco for coco

Text: Renée Batchelor

For its summer collection, Marc Jacobs Beauty taps on the coconut for inspiration. Find out why you want this fruit not just in your body, but on your face as well

The coconut is everywhere you look. From bottled versions to fresh ones from your local hawker centre to even being a highlight at new restaurants like The Coconut Club. But to find coconuts in your makeup... now that's a novel concept. Buro speaks to Gilbert Soliz, the global makeup artist of Marc Jacobs Beauty, to find out how the coconut received such a hallowed place in beauty and wellness, and why you will want to have this tropical delight in your facial mist, highlighter and bronzer. This brings a whole new, meaning to beach beauty.

Why was the brand inspired by the coconut?
We were inspired by Marc's love of coconut water, as he spends some time on beaches vactioning. We thought we would take that and really deconstruct the coconut. It's a strong and powerful superfruit, and it's used by a lot of skincare brands and in cosmetics. We really utilised the five forms of it and we've infused it in the entire summer collection.

What are the benefits of the coconut?
One of the big pillars of the Marc Jacobs Beauty brand is durability — in hot, humid weather you want makeup to last. We used the natural sugars from the coconut to act as a magnet to retain moisture in the skin and to keep the makeup on. We used the coconut milk, the water, the flesh — as we know they are powerful antioxidants that are nutrient-rich — to help plump up the skin and soften fine lines.


Singapore is a hot, tropical country. What products would work really well here and why?
The Re(Marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate. It gives 24-hour wear. The Singapore woman doesn't want makeup to streak, smudge or smear. This gives coverage and has a matte finish, so it controls shine and you're getting extreme wear.

Part of the summer collection is the Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist — we know that baking and setting is a big, mainsteam trend. Our setting spray locks in hydration and is an ultra-fine mist. It smells like coconut, will set the makeup and keep it on for 24 hours. You don't have to worry about your makeup slipping and sliding and it gives skin that beautiful glow.

One thing that we pride ourselves on is first-to-market technology. Our Highliner Gel Eye Crayon was the first gel eyeliner in a crayon form and is the best-selling eyeliner in Sephora globally. Our (P)outliner Long Wear Lipliner is waterproof and all our lipsticks have staying power as well.


What are your favourites from this collection and what are some expert tips for using them?
I like the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Dew You. It's a unique gel-crème. It's a concentrated luminiser that allows you to build sheer layers of glow and it has a golden-peach finish. It also smells like coconut, as we use the same, exact five actives of the coconut inside this. You can incorporate mixology. You can mix it with a primer or a foundation or even mix one pump with your concealer to get a really luminised highlighter for underneath the eyes, if you're lacking lustre or you didn't get enough sleep. It's a universal, flattering shade that looks good on all skins.

I also have to mention (Re)cover again. I love the scent, the finish that it gives and that it keeps makeup on. Once you understand the formula you can experiment and break rules. I like prepping the skin with this as it does hydrate the skin, but mid-way through the makeup routine I'll use it one more time and I'll use it at the very end. If you apply too much makeup or if your face becomes too powdery, it will help soften your makeup — you just spray it on and you don't need to remove anything.


How do you think Marc Jacobs Beauty is different from other brands?
It's Marc's vision and involvement. Also the tide of fashion that makes it really relevant — he is one of the most celebrated designers that is still present. He is hands-on with formulas and shade names. This is Marc's baby and he loves every single part of the process. For me as a makeup artist, it's working for someone who has heart, integrity and as much passion for makeup as me.

It's also the textures, provocative shade range and the daring design of the products that are unlike anything else. Marc Jacobs Beauty is approachable and the formulas are easy to use and glide on effortlessly, even if you aren't sure of what you're doing. Marc is into simplicity and looking imperfectly perfect. He doesn't want makeup to be so precise and polished. But a professional can also utilise the textures and formulas to create whatever look you want.

Who is behind the faces of Marc Jacobs Beauty campaigns— from Jessica Lange to Winona Ryder to Kaia Gerber? Was age inclusivity something the brand always set out to achieve?
The person behind this is obviously Marc. He likes to celebrate inclusivity. You see it with his casting for campaigns and the runway. He pushes boundaries and is the first to set the trends. He is celebrating individuality. This is something people appreciate as it feels authentic. He's inspired by youth and pop culture and that contributes to who he chooses.

It's always a smart, collaborative decision. He works closely with Katie Grand, who is his stylist, and she has her finger on the pulse of what's happening and she has a special connection to the fashion elite, if you will. And they know who's hot before anybody else. That collaborative team is how the process and decisions work. Marc has worked with photographer David Sims for decades. For the campaigns Diane Kendal is the makeup artist, Guido Palau does the hair and Katie Grand styles. They are the same team who have been working together for 20 years.

What to you are the best innovations of the brand?
Marc challenged the product development team and asked them to go ten years into the future and bring back those formulas now. We scour the globe for innovative, first-to-market technology. We use Japanese air powder. It's a mineral we use in our blushers to impart a glow, but is lightweight and gives 24-hour wear. We've also created a golden mica that we use in our foundation, that is matte but is never flat, for that lit-from-within glow. Every other foundation uses silver mica.

Marc Jacobs Beauty is available at Sephora