Cate Blanchett’s red carpet secret

Cate Blanchett’s red carpet secret

Lit from within skin

Text: Renée Batchelor

The SK-II ambassador and Oscar winning actress has a secret to her ethereal glow

Does Cate Blanchett travel with her own lighting effects specialist? With a beautiful, translucent complexion not out-of-place on a Tolkien film set, the two-time Oscar winner and mother of four seems to defy the laws of ageing, not that ageing bothers the confident beauty. Says Blanchett, "We're all getting older, there's no point panicking about it, you just try to look as good as you can at whatever age you are, and I feel I am doing that with SK-II." Her secret it seems is consistency. "I was really fortunate to have discovered SK-II when I was 30. And having used it continuously and consistently over the last, almost 13 years, I know for a fact that my skin is more radiant, more confident and I'm more confident in it."

Blanchett is also a huge fan of the Facial Treatment Essence. "I was amazed by the Facial Treatment Essence from the start; within a month I'd noticed a difference in hydration — obviously because it's like a vitamin drink for your skin — and also the radiance of my skin." She has even looked back at old photos of herself and objectively said, "I think my skin's better now than it was then." Blanchett says in fact it wasn't until she hit her mid-30s that people began complimenting her on her skin.

And she has a little secret weapon when she hits the red carpet at awards season. Turns out the SK-II ambassador has been decanting the brand's Facial Treatment Essence into a miniature spray bottle and bringing that along for red carpet appearances. Blanchett then sprays it once when she needs a hydration boost and to give her skin that translucent and dewy look she is known for.

Cate Blanchett prepping behind-the-scenes

Now the brand has kindly decided to give us mere mortals a chance to shine, by bottling her 'secret weapon' commercially. The Miracle Essences are two handy sprays — the Mid-Day Miracle and Mid-Night Miracle — that you just have to pack in your purse to stay selfie-and paparazzi-ready. Especially if you're sitting front row at Singapore Fashion Week.

SK II Mid-Day Miracle

SK II Mid-Night Miracle