Brooke Candy has a new makeup range with M.A.C

Brooke Candy has a new makeup range with M.A.C

Rap goddess

Text: Renée Batchelor

Rapper and singer Brooke Candy brings her own brand of devil-may-care spirit to her latest collection with M.A.C

Brooke Candy may not be a household name in Singapore, just yet, but the provocative singer-rapper is popular with makeup brand M.A.C. Known as much for her music, as her ecelectic, futuristic style and strong feminist message, Candy is the perfect candidate for a pretty, gritty collection featuring amped-up, yet wearable colours. She did a smaller collaboration with M.A.C last year for two lipsticks and an eyeliner, but is now back with a bigger, badder, bolder collection. Our personal favourites from the 15-piece range? The Studio Eye Glosses in Yin (White) and Yang (Black) — which seems to perfectly reflect the duality when it comes to modern makeup choices. Find out more about the makeup from Candy herself.


1. Why did you decide to collaborate with M.A.C?
I've always been a huge fan of M.A.C. They aren't afraid to take risks. They gave me the freedom to fully design this collaboration. They embraced my unique point of view.


2. Tell us about your inspiration when designing your makeup collection?
I was inspired by the inside of Jayne Mansfield's brain. The collection really marries both sides of human nature; it is light and dark. It is also a bit whimsical.


3. Can you tell us something about the M.A.C Cosmetics collection that you have created? How did you come up with this idea? What is your favourite item in this collection?
This collection consists of 15 products ranging from lips to eyes, to skin and nails. There really is something for everyone. My favorite product is the lipstick in Doo-Wop. It's a fun poppy pink shade and I'm having a pink moment right now. I love the Eye Gloss too. They are so versatile.

Brooke Candy makeup collection

4. Please define Brooke Candy using three adjectives.
Powerful. Provocative. Unique.

5. How would you describe you look and style?
Eclectically perverse with a wink and a nudge to futuristic camp and cosplay.

6. How much your past has influenced your musical choices and your way of being as an artist?
I try to remain in the present as much as possible, however, I creatively channel many aspects of my past that weren't resolved or that I want to work through. The past sneaks up on me during the creative process, which requires me to reshape it and transform it into something expressive so that I am able to progress to the future.


7. Your songs carry very strong messages: do you think they have helped your female fans to feel stronger as well?
I sure hope so! I feel I have sacrificed a lot in my own way to fight for freedom as a both a woman and an artist. Through my struggle I have gained strength and wisdom and I hope my female fans feel the same way! Ultimately, I hope my experience as a woman shines through my work and encourages other females to access their own freedom as a female.

Brooke Candy makeup


8. How has your relationship with makeup adapted and changed since becoming a performer?
My relationship with performance art and beauty products has remained the same since I started. I view aspects of personality as different versions of makeup that we put on for different occasions. There is something amazing that happens when you visually project and express a feeling you were having or a character you wanted to convey through makeup. Cosmetics are so vital to my transformation as an artist and allow me the freedom to become a larger than life character when I'm on stage. When I am off stage, I really try to embrace and embody more of a natural look. There is nothing better than when you are comfortable enough in your own skin and feel no desire to transform into anything other than your natural self. Real beauty comes from within.


9. How would you use the items in this collection to create a makeup look for yourself?
There are so many different ways to utilize this collection. I think for a simple day look a little bit of bronzer on the cheeks with a dab of eye gloss on the lids and lips. Maybe top it off with a tiny bit of mascara. If I wanted to transition into a night look I'd maybe add a red lip, liner, and gloss and possibly a tiny smudge of black liner. There are so many ways to have fun with my collection! I think any way you want to wear any of the products works. There are no rules in my book!

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