Brilliant brunette hues that we love

Brilliant brunette hues that we love

Going brown

Text: Renée Batchelor

Still stuck with the old mentality that brunette hues equal boring? We'll change your mind with these rich, multi-faceted brown shades

In the age of out there hair colours, it can get easy to be distracted by metallic tones, food-inspired hues and everything in between. But what about more basic shades like brown? Far from being run of the mill, browns can be interesting, dimensional and complex. Using a combination of technique from babylights to balyage, and working on multiple hues, you can literally splice things up by adding highlights and lowlights in shades like gold, ginger and bordeaux. Unsure of what kind of brown will suit you? Have a look at some choices you have.

A cross between blonde and brunette, the fine balance is attained by adding a bit more rich brow hues to the mix, usually by starting off with brown as your base colour. Lighten it more during the 'summer' months with blonde or even ashy highlights, and keep it darker towards the year end with deeper lowlights.



Whether you want to call it tortoishell, caramel balyage or anything in between, these golden brown hues weaved into the hair add a dose of sparkle and light.




If you favour a colour that's more single hued, you can go for a deep, dark and delicious shade like espresso. The key to making it look expensive is keeping it shiny. Start with monthly glossing treatments at the salon, layered on top of the colour to give it mirror-like shine and use the right at-home care.





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