Is bladeless eyebag removal the ultimate cure for dark, puffy, and impossible-to-conceal eye bags? An aesthetic doctor shares

Is bladeless eyebag removal the ultimate cure for dark, puffy, and impossible-to-conceal eye bags? An aesthetic doctor shares

Doc says

Text: Dr Chua Cheng Yu of Veritas Clinic

Image: Instagram | @anyaholdstock

As time goes by, we gain plenty of excess baggage we could and would rather do without. Buro. Singapore's beauty editor tells me that for her, it's that little pouch where her abs used to be, old magazines and books she can't bear to toss out, and the distant but occasionally piercing memories of her ex-boyfriends. For others, some of that baggage is more physical, such as those pesky bulges under the eyes that add 10 years to our actual age. When we look into the mirror, often what's staring back are peepers weighed down by what looks like enough baggage for a long-haul vacay.

Hands up if you've tried just about every eye cream, promising to get rid of your eye bags for good? The truth is, as much as we wish for a miracle cream that instantly dissolves away our puffy eyes, most off-the-shelf products never achieve the results we desire.

And how could they? While eye bags look like nothing more than two small pillows of flesh, they actually consist of three components: protruding fat, lax ligaments, and loose skin. With age, normal fat and bone structures that surround the eyes descent and decrease in volume. This results in the protrusion of the intra orbital fat, otherwise known as eye bag fat. The orbicularis retaining ligament supports the outer area and rim of the eye bags. So when this ligament loses its firmness, puffy eye bags and droopiness may finally appear visible.

With the skin slowing down on collagen production and moisture retention as years go by, the delicate skin surrounding your peepers will inevitably becomes looser as well, adding to the bulk of eye bags and causing a droopy-eyed, sleepy look. As such, unwanted eye bags may require a combination of fat removal, the tightening of the orbicularis ligament, and the smoothening of loose skin — tasks way out of the league of what an eye cream could perform.

The problem with surgical treatments

Now that you've gained more insights — pun intended — on eye rejuvenation, it might be tempting to take the plunge and ask your doctor to go under the knife to reverse those aforementioned components of eye issues.

Surgery could be a viable option if you desire drastic and immediate changes, but not only would it mean a dead giveaway that you have had "something done", surgical treatments carry much higher risks than non-surgical techniques. Apart from common complications and side effects like bruising after the surgery, other risks include infections, post-operative trauma to the eye, scar abnormalities, asymmetry, and eye-lid over-correction just to name a few.

The problem with (most) non-surgical treatments

Surgery may not be suitable for many, so the next best alternative is most definitely non-surgical treatments... right? Most non-surgical treatments come with their own set of downsides. One popular option that patients ask for is injectable fillers. Injectable fillers can help support the orbicularis retaining ligament, but the improvement is usually limited because it does not remove unwanted eye bag fat nor tighten the loose under-eye skin. Fillers also have to be injected regularly as the best (read: most natural) effects don't last very long.

Non-invasive devices such as laser and high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) offer low downtime and are mostly painless, and could be a good option to help give your under-eye area a collagen boost, allowing it to regain some elasticity. But, alas, it also can't remove much fat, and the benefits for patients with puffy and heavy eye bags are subtle.

And then there are minimally-invasive devices which you may have heard of — microneedling or cannula RF, which deliver radio-frequency energy to tighten loose skin and fat. However, they are usually highly imprecise, may cause bruising and only offer only slightly better results with each session.

The ultimate, bladeless solution to your eye bag woes

With topical potions unable to deflate eye bags overnight, surgery bearing too much risks and downtime, and minimally invasive procedures causing side effects and sometimes unsatisfactory results, does that mean you would just have to be bogged down by your perennial eye baggage?

Not so fast. A perfect and precise combination treatment is now available on the market: a bladeless eye bag removal, developed after years of research and study by yours truly. The Bladeless Eye Bag Removal, exclusively available at Veritas Medical Aesthetics, is a unique technique that delivers precise energy to three layers of the undereye region for ligament tightening, eye bag fat removal, and skin tightening — which is essential as skin laxity can worsen after removal of eye bags.

All this is done via a combination of various tiny and precise energy beams, which are essential to deliver a high amount of energy below the skin and on the skin, to effectively target all problematic areas.

Using both non-invasive and minimally invasive medical devices, this proprietary technique treats all layers and components of eye bags with little downtime and visible results. It is therefore also almost impossible to over-correct eye bags as I am able to see exactly the area and amount to be treated. This breakthrough procedure, with long-lasting effects with a single session, takes just an hour, and involves minimal downtime with zero scalpel, scar, or stitches.

So, what are you doing at lunchtime?