Backseat beauty with Yvette King and Clé de Peau Beauté

Special feature

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Alvin Choon

Have to do your makeup on the go? Watch our video with Yvette King and see her whole skin prep and makeup routine in closer detail below

We've all been there. With a big event or meeting to go to and no makeup on although the Uber's already here. Fret not as television host Yvette King shares her tips on getting ready in the backseat of a car. Always looking flawless and on point, King is so deft at makeup application she can do a full face, including liquid foundation and winged smoky eyes, while on the go. Want to replicate her daytime glamorous look? Check out the Clé de Peau Beauté products she used for prep as well as in her backseat tutorial.

1. If you have a big event or date, start your skincare prep with a fast-working radiance treatment. The brand's Illuminating Concentrate is a unique, three-step lotion, essence and mask trio that is a last minute saviour for your skin.

2. The next morning, don't forget to protect your skin against external stressors such as UV rays, with the Protective Fortifying Emulsion, a lightweight moisturiser with a built in sun protection.

1. Always begin your makeup routine with a good primer like the Sheer Fluid Veil. This lightweight primer maximises radiance and helps your foundation adhere better to your skin.

2. The new Radiant Cream Foundation gives instant luminosity to the skin and can be applied with your fingers, a sponge (like King does) or with a foundation brush. You'll love the buildable coverage.

3. Use the Concealer to hide any marks and spots that can't be covered by foundation. Or, use your concealer as a brightening tool on the face.

4. Set your base makeup with the Refining Pressed Powder to maximise the soft focus finish of the foundation.

5. The Powder Blush Duo is great for giving a three-dimensional look to the cheeks. To sculpt your face like King, apply blush on the upper cheekbones and blend towards the temples.

1. The four colours in the Eye Color Quad are made for quick and easy application. Apply a light to medium shade as the base, and use a darker tone to create the winged effect in the eye corners. A cute tip: Use a credit card to get the lines more precise and to prevent shadow fall out.

2. To help the eyes popuse a lighter, slightly shimmery shade in the inner corners of the eye.

3. Always finish with thin line of the Eyeliner Pencil and a few coats of the Perfect Lash Mascara, so that eyes look extra polished. King's tip? Wait till you hit a red light before applying both liner and mascara to avoid accidents.

1. The Radiant Liquid Rouge will give you both intense colour and shine with just one application.
2. To give your lips a plumper effect, simply apply an extra dab of liquid rouge at the centre, for a more luscious pout.
Radiant Liquid Rouge in 11
Beauty Direction: Renée Batchelor
Directed by: Vanessa Caitlin
Production by: MLC Productions
Director of Photography: Alvin Choon
Production Coordinator: Marianne Koh
Video Editor: Siti Khairunnisa
Hair: Ken / Blow+Bar
Special thanks to: Kia Motors for the use of the Kia Sorento 2.2A Diesel, 7-Seater SUV