Audio review: Who has the best hair on Game of Thrones?

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: HBO; Instagram: @GameofThrones; @emilia_clarke

With season 7 finally here, and winter imminent, it's time for the next important question: Who's the best-tressed character in the seven kingdoms?

Let's talk about hair. It's practically another character on the ultra-popular Game of Thrones. And if power, the thirst for blood and war with the undead aren't your thing, watch it for the hairstyles. From the silver-blonde colour of the dragon-taming Daenerys Targaryen to the iconic red hair of the Tully clan to the golden manes of the lion-esque Lannisters, hair is a signifier of lineage and birth right. And if the elaborate braids and updos of queens past and present taught us anything — think Margaery Tyrell (RIP), Cersei pre-walk of shame and Daenerys — they're also an indication of power. In the case of Sansa Stark, hair can also be an outward symbol of your character growth though the seasons. Personally we think the men in the series deserve a shoutout for their glorious manes. From Jon Snow's '70s rocker vibes to Khal Drogo's man braid — Game of Thrones has set a new standard for locks of every persuasion. Scroll some of the looks below and see if you agree with Buro's eventual winner.





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