#BuroLive Episode 36: How to get glowing skin overnight

#BuroLive Episode 36: How to get glowing skin overnight

Who is your ally?

Text: Jolene Khor

Nicolas Travis lets us in on his secret to perpetually glowing skin

There are a few known oxymorons out there: A working holiday, an unbiased opinion, and (let's admit it) a hydrating chemical peel. That is, until Nicolas Travis, founder of local skincare label Allies of Skin thought, "Not on my watch!" 

His answer to our prayers comes in the form of the new Bright Future Overnight Facial, a product you can read about in detail here. The gist: It's the world's first hydrating and hypoallergenic chemical peel, which means you can apply it before you sleep, and wake up anytime between 4-8 hours later looking like you just walked out a $300 facial. It also works on overdrive to kill acne, keep sun damage at bay and blur wrinkles.

On our latest #BuroLive session, we learn application techniques and other methods to achieve glowing skin 24/7 from the boy wonder himself.

Get Allies of Skin.

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