Verso skincare: Just one product is all you need

Verso skincare: Just one product is all you need

Skin power

Text: Renée Batchelor

Want a modern skincare brand where you can slot in whichever products suit you? Try Verso

Can skincare be as easy as 1,2,3? Verso founder and CEO Lars Fredericksson thinks so. The Swede is so laidback about the brand he proclaims, "A lot of customers only use one or two products. Personally I like that. We have a variety of products, but you don't necessarily need to use them all. But I think everyone should at least use one vitamin A product." Fredericksson confesses he only uses one or two products himself. Such honesty is startling and refreshing. In our many years as a beauty journalist, this is the first time a brand owner has not tried to oversell us or tell us that we need to use the entire range for it to work.

So what's the secret behind the range's efficacy and Fredericksson's confidence in his product? The use of Retinol 8 — a patented vitamin A derivative that is eight times more effective than traditional retinol. As you may be aware, retinol is the gold standard of anti-ageing ingredients, and is able to have visible action on everything from wrinkles to an uneven skin tone. By making retinol in more potent, yet gentle form, Verso is able to deliver significant benefits with little to no irritation. Here's more about the cult brand straight from the CEO's mouth.

Who is the Verso woman or man?
It's targetted at both, but the branding is targetted at woman. I don't like the word unisex —it's sounds unsexy! But we are more inclusive — everyone is welcome to use Verso and it works very well for men. Personally I only use two products. I shave with the Foaming Cleanser as it doesn't dry out my skin. And then I use the Super Facial Serum day and night. For me that works. I think men like it because it's quite easy and you're good enough with one or two products. We wanted to provide high-quality skincare without the need for a multi-step program in a classic, timeless packaging.

Your products are numbered from 1 to 6. Do the products need to be used in that order?
No. We numbered them in an order, but they don't necessarily have to be used in that way. Most of the time you start with a cleanser... but many people, myself included, only use the serum. This brand is available in some 24 countries and the order of application is a little bit different in each country. But in general you start with the lightest product and then you end with the heavier ones.

Is this range suitable for sensitive skin?
If you have sensitive skin, and feel reluctant to try something effective, start with the night cream as it has oat extract that has a calming and repairing agent to it. If you have sensitive skin, I would recommend that you start by using it every second or third day, and then gradually increase it. Eventhough this is more gentle, it's still an active skincare range. 

What is your latest product?
It's our Super Facial Oil that contains canola oil and a specific sunflower oil that has great anti-inflammatory properties equivalent to hydrocortisone. We try to use a lot of anti-inflammatory properties in our products. First to supress the vitamin A inflammation, which is meant to be there, but which should not cause skin to become red, but also to fight the everyday inflammation processes that occurs on the skin. It's a dry oil that you spray on and it comes in a black case with refills. It's just 7.5ml so you can travel with it and put it in your purse.

Verso is available at Escentials from 3 November