Master perfumer Alberto Morillas on the new Daisy Love Marc Jacobs

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas on the new Daisy Love Marc Jacobs

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Instagram: @marcjacobsperfumes

If you're not a perfumery enthusiast, you may not know master perfumer Alberto Morillas. But he's responsible for many of your favourite fragrances including Marc Jacobs' iconic scent Daisy, and its newest offering, Daisy Love

Alberto Morillas is a perfuming legend behind many contemporary and classic scents including Gucci's new Guilty Absolute Pour Femme and Homme and its super-successful Gucci Bloom as well as Bulgari's extraordinarily fresh Rose Goldea. He's also the man behind iconic scents like Calvin Klein's CK One and Kenzo Flower.

Constantly tapped on to create winning and unique scents for various fashion and fragrance houses, the Spanish-born maître perfumer is often heralded as a perfuming genius by his collaborators at the acclaimed scent house Firmenich, for his ability to envisage scents in his head, and create them in his head like an artist. Says Dominique Roques, the head of naturals purchasing, innovation and promotion at Firmenich, "Alberto [Morillas] is a genius in that he can combine 60 different ingredients in the perfect proportion to create magic." His latest scent is the soon-to-be released Daisy Love — a fresh take on the iconic 2007 Daisy scent that he created for the brand 11 years ago. The bright, sunny and beachy campaign is fronted by Kaia Gerber, Aube Jolicoeur and Faith Lynch. Find out more about the notes in the scent and his inspiration.

What was your vision when you created the scent?
Daisy Love was inspired by memories of a beautiful moment on the beaches of Malibu at the end of a sunny afternoon. I was inspired by the thought of girls enjoying the freshness of sea breezes, like a caress on their skin radiating with the glow of the sun. Nearly sunset, the golden atmosphere sparkles with the happiness of the carefree spirit.




You have said before that you create each fragrance for a woman in your head, the way a sculptor creates a sculpture. What was the vision you had in your head for the woman this fragrance was for?
As I crafted Daisy Love, I imagined a young woman in love with life and the way she naturally expresses her radiant happiness, the sparkle in her eyes, and her joyful laughter. I could see her walking by the sea with the sun shining in her long, wind-swept hair.

What are the main fragrance ingredients that give Daisy Love its signature and resonance?
Cloudberries carry the juicy happiness and a colorful fruity touch to introduce the upbeat atmosphere in Daisy Love. Sunny petals radiate love throughout its floral femininity. The driftwood and musks bring a warm comfort to the fragrance, translating the figurative idea of a breezy beach at sunset.

Why did you decide to create a gourmand aspect to represent a sun-drenched beach? What are the specific gourmand notes you used for this and why?
The gourmand notes which I introduced with cloudberries impart the addictive feeling one expects from such a moment of pure pleasure; they complement the image of the soft, sun-drenched beach and its warm sand at the end of the day.

What are crystallised cloudberries? 
I chose to 'crystallise' the cloudberries to spread the candy, sugary effect onto this delicious summer fruit and to produce the sense of vintage addiction.


Can you tell us about the sparkling floral notes and ingredients used to create Daisy Love?
The sunny petals were inspired by the Daisy Tree I discovered in London few years ago. It was created with a multitude of small sunflowers, radiating golden energy. 

What to you is true luxury in a modern fragrance?
True luxury in a modern fragrance lies in the precision and finesse of the composition — using a meticulous choice of both natural and synthetic raw materials which create a perfect balance. And, of course, the perfume's signature and trail. The high quality is a result of both the way in which it was imagined, and the time devoted to its creation. 

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