All the work-from-home hairstyles our beauty team wore to Zoom meetings this week

All the work-from-home hairstyles our beauty team wore to Zoom meetings this week

Rapunzel, Rapunzel. Wash 'yo hair

Text: Guan Tan

Image: @queenmerylofhollywood

If you've been frequenting Zoom or Google Hangouts lectures and meetings, you probably know what we're going to say about the state of hair –– but let's hold that thought for a moment. Nothing too vain here: we respect and support everyone of you who might be going through a difficult time now (let us know how we can help you at [email protected]). We believe that beauty and wellness can help –– it warrants us some me-time and breathing space, helps us feel better about ourselves from outside in, and empowers us with a boost of self-esteem, confidence, and drive to get going in life.

With that being said, it quickly became obvious how shoddy these Zoom meetings made us feel over the past month. For one, it's exhausting. Yes, Zoom fatigue is so legit that there's been a slew of articles from major news titles, academic and psychology sites. Two, a lot of us stopped wearing makeup altogether (who wears makeup at home right?) but that quickly turned around when we discovered the five-minute wonder that is concealer. Hair, on the contrary, has been a cursory gesture –– or downright neglected. There were some trends going on –– wet hair (from the shower), bedhair (self-explanatory), and messy ponytails and buns. It was deplorable –– especially when our beauty team convened for online meetings (find me a beauty team that has terrible hair!). So, in the past two weeks, we brought our hair game back to Zoom:

Elizabeth Lee, editor-in-chief

Buro. Singapore's editor-in-chief, Elizabeth Lee, shared her Zoom hairstyles and tips.

"One hair item I simply can't be without: the Dyson Airwrap styler ($699). It travels with me everywhere I go! Dyson recently launched the Airwrap 40mm long barrels ($59) and that has been a lifesaver with my longer hair length. Even though the thinner barrels give a tighter curl at the beginning, I feel that the style holds out longer throughout the day.

For days where I feel like I need an extra pampering treat, I reach for the Aesop Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque ($47) in the shower. Besides smelling amazing, I always feel like my scalp feels extra soothed and nourished after use.

Ok, I know this sounds totally bougie but I recently bought the Slip Embroidered silk-satin Euro sham pillowcase (US$96.15). My hair mysteriously tangles while I sleep, so I can't wait to try this highed raved about product out.

One of my in-shower staples is the Leonor Greyl Paris Bain TS Balancing Shampoo (US$39.74). I started using it because I wanted to test out silicone- and paraben-free shampoos and somehow haven't stopped using it ever since then."

Emily Heng, beauty writer

Buro. Singapore's beauty writer, Emily Heng, shares her Zoom hairstyles and tips.

First look: full, voluminous curls (top):

"I'm a recent convert of Act + Acre's super-hydrating shampoo ($41). I also can't go a day without washing my hair –– yes, despite what the experts say –– because it greases up real quick, so I tend to opt for gentler, soothing formulations that don't strip my locks of much-needed moisture.

I acquire my curls by tying them into twists the night before, so IGK's Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm ($43) is perfect for ensuring they don't emerge as messy, tangled snarls.

Because nothing stays in this heat, especially not if you're rocking curls that weren't achieved through a heat styling tool. This potent Hanz de Fuko Style Lock Hair Spray ($35) ensures a long-lasting hold without turning my hair crunchy."

Second, VSCO girl pony (bottom):

"You're not doing the VSCO girl aesthetic any justice without a good ol' scrunchie. These silk variant by Slip ($60) prevent those unsightly creases from forming in my hair. A flat pony is my worst nightmare, so I always make sure to bump up the volume on my locks by running Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam ($45) through my strands. It eradicates buildup, oil, and all manner of excess hair product with ease.

For any styles that requires defying the laws of gravity (lol), I opt for the strongest hairspray in my arsenal. This one by Percy & Reed ($26) unparalleled when it comes to humidity- and temperature-resistance."

Guan Tan, associate beauty editor

Buro. Singapore's associate beauty editor, Guan Tan, shares her Zoom hairstyles and tips.

"My hair –– they grow like creepers. I used to get them trimmed every two months by the same lady (my neighbour) who runs a salon in our neighbourhood. Ever since hairdressing services have been made to shutter, I've been struggling with split ends that tangle. So, when this hair commitment came about, I picked up my little furry friend's grooming scissors, opened up our "How to cut your own hair" guide, and trimmed an inch off. Can't wait to hear what my hairdresser has to say.

Looking happy in the second image? Only because I've finally successfully gotten rid of a wave of dandruff that's been plaguing me since March (I changed my shampoo from Percy & Reed to Christophe Robin, happens everytime). What was this dream dandruff product? The Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub ($52). Immediate results. Also, a slicked back, centre-parted do for both calls made possible with a counterfeit Dyson Airwrap (love trying dupes!) and a trusty classic Tangle Teezer ($30)."