The most highly-rated box dyes to try at home: LIESE, Garnier, Clairol and more

The most highly-rated box dyes to try at home: LIESE, Garnier, Clairol and more

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Text: Azrin Tan

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2020 made us desperate for a bunch of DIY home ideas as we lived out the endless days in quarantine, and home hair dyes were far from being a stranger to that list. But whilst other DIY ideas might not have made the cut for a regular day in a non-pandemic-stricken world (oh, to live in one again), we think box home dyes deserve a shiny gold star for its true effectiveness: so much so, you might never have to return to a hair salon again. Especially not when they're charging a premium for their services that perhaps, if done right, could be achieved right from the comforts of your own home.

Of course whilst certain styles such as hair gradients, highlights, or wanting your locks painted in a complicated color tone, those may not be as easy to achieve with the use of a simple home dye.  But if you're looking to do some upkeep like touching up one's roots or even re-dyeing your whole head with a new bronzy red, a simple box dye might actually do the trick, as long as you're following the safety instructions properly. Not only will you be in for a funky time with your tousles, but it definitely also saves you on a couple of those card swipes that usually comes with the colored hair life. Below, we gather some of the best home box dyes we can definitely trust to lock the color in, without you burning a hole in the wallet.

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