Shampooing and after-care tips you may not know

Shampooing and after-care tips you may not know

Lather, rinse, repeat as directed

Text: Renée Batchelor

Are you washing and conditioning your hair the right way? Two John Frieda House of Experts stylists weigh in

It seems simple enough, and Friends' Phoebe Buffay has sung about it, but did you know there's a right (and wrong way) to shampoo and condition your hair? Two John Frieda House of Experts stylists, Ken Hong and Dexter Ng, share their tips on how to get beautiful, frizz-free tresses with the right products and the right technique.

Hair needs to be wet before you shampoo
Okay, the next thing we'll be telling you is that water is wet. But jokes aside, the hair needs to be thoroughly wet before you begin shampooing or your product won't work as effectively.

Rinse hair in warm water before shampooing
Warm water opens the cuticle, so its good when you want to remove any trapped product and dirt that is making your hair look dull and limp. It also helps the cuticle absorb any conditioning and hydrating oils in your conditioner, for smoother results.

Don't skip conditioner
In case you're wondering, conditioner is important as it helps deposit moisture in your hair and prevents the cuticle from opening up — which is what causes frizziness and Hermione Granger-like hair.

After conditioning, rinse with cold or room temperature water
This will seal the cuticle, so hair looks smoother. It doesn't have to be ice cold, but avoid the temptation of using super hot water.

End with a blowdry
If you blowdry your hair, it will help keep frizziness at bay for longer. Using the right products and technique also helps. When blowdrying apply some tension so that the cuticle is smoothened and always point your hairdryer nozzle downwards.

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