These nifty hair touch-ups cover your roots and alter your hairline

These nifty hair touch-ups cover your roots and alter your hairline

Pigment power

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you have grey hair, obvious roots, or sparse areas on your head that you want to cover up, these clever inventions will do the trick

With the current craze on colouring your hair, it can be difficult to maintain flawless tresses 24/7. But with a little help from root retouching products, you can cover pesky grey hairs and also change the overall tone of dark roots, so that your regrowth blends in more with your existing colour. And why do we need these products in the first place? Says Australian celebrity stylist Kevin Murphy on his brand's new product Retouch.Me, "In today's world, we live busy lives – professionally and personally — and we must be ready at a moment's notice to 'put our best foot forward'. A few quick spritzes of this root touch-up spray send micro-fine, light reflecting pigments to any new growth. These will attach to your hair fibres for a covert and fast solution to conceal regrowth at the roots." There are even products designed to cover up bald and thinning patches for a little bit of visual magic where you most need it. Here are some options that work.

Kevin.Murphy Retouch.Me
This root, touch-up spray has a dry finish so that it works quickly and discreetly in between salon appointments. A fine and lightweight mist that is easy to control, it comes in four shades — black, dark brown, light brown and auburn. This works best as grey cover-up, and can help blend your regrowth into your new colour flawlessly without leaving any telltale residue or flakiness. The sulphate- and paraben-free spray is made up of orange peel oil and tangerine peel oil for shine, cationic polymers that allow the pigments in the spray to adhere to the hair with a natural lustre, as well as vitamin E to keep the hues true to their original colours, both in and outside the can.
Available at selected salons from January 2018 

Kevin.Murphy Retouch.Me

Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow, $22
Korean brand Mamonde has tonnes of cool products, but the Pang Pang Hair Shadow ranks among its most innovative. A fine powder that is applied with a puff, this can be used to subtly alter a receding hairline or change its shape for a more youthful look, as well as fill in any bald spots or sparse areas with pigment, so you look good from the top down and in photographs.
Available online and at Mamonde stores.

Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow in 02 Light Brown, 01 Babyface Hairline and 03 Reddish Brown, $22 each

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Stick, US$25
Only available in the US Sephora stores, this slick stick is like a crayon for grey hairs. You can have it with you on-the-go whenever you see pesky strands that need covering up especially around the hairline. Bonus points for the fact that it doubles up as an eyebrow crayon as well. This comes in three shades: Dark blonde, light brown and dark brown that should cover most hair colour bases. How it works is that the creamy formula grips the strands and deposits buildable colour instantly, and similarly glides over the hair and skin when worn over the brows.
Available from Sephora US.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Stick