“Pandemic hair”: We review Goldwell’s interpretation of 2021 hair trends at Chez Vous Singapore

“Pandemic hair”: We review Goldwell’s interpretation of 2021 hair trends at Chez Vous Singapore

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Text: Emily Heng

With every passing day, I'm forced to admit that it'll be great if I had some modicum of chill. Maybe I'd find peace if I was less bothered by fake pockets on pants, or ambivalent about two-in-one shampoo and conditioners. And yet, it seems I'm doomed to Care about things deeply, and thus, have grown to be completely averse to risk-taking. I conduct patch tests religiously before sampling new skincare; only visit salons or spas with a respectable Google reviews score; and have successfully beat down all urges to attempt risky aesthetic endeavors (see: the time I was tempted by curtain bangs).

At the ripe old age of 25, though, constantly keeping it safe can begin to chafe. And so — in the name of self-improvement — I decided to err on the side of, well, peril by giving a hairdresser free reign over my mane. Yup, that's leaving it up to chance when it came to length, style, cut, and colour. Yay, me.

Still, I was determined to exert some control over the situation. I opted for Chez Vous HideAway Hair Salon, seeing how I had a positive experience there previously. I also set some parameters for my stylist: nothing too short or layered for my hair, as I liked to tie it back for the gym. Also, nothing too tricky to maintain, as there was always the possibility of yet another lockdown. Ideally, it would be simple in execution, but no lacking in fun. Practical, but with a lot of flavour.

Thankfully, it is a sentiment that Chez Vous — and partnering hair care label, Goldwell — grasps. I was told that my requirements were pretty in line with the upcropping of notable hair trends in 2021; a return to the basics while retaining a sense of exuberance. Dubbed pandemic hair, it utilises colour melding and unique texture to create a look that treads the fine line between fuss-free and flashy.

To my stylist, Shaun, this translated to a long bob infused with violet highlights. This, meant I could hold on to a black base colour all while injecting a hint of chutzpa to my locks. I breathed a sigh of relief — though it was quickly replaced by apprehension about the length, which was the shortest I've had since way back when in secondary school.

Uneasy as I was, I forced myself to put my trust in Shaun's expertise. The scalp and shoulder massage I was given right off the get-go certainly helped things, where I could practically feel all knots and tension easing off my body. This was followed by three separate instances of bleaching and dyeing; an intricate, precise process to ensure a seamless amalgamation of colours that appear to melt together.

“Pandemic hair”: We review Goldwell’s interpretation of 2021 hair trends at Chez Vous Singapore (фото 1)

The four-hour wait — which was torturous thanks to my own anxieties — was well-worth it, in the end. I emerged sporting a fresh snip that I ordinarily wouldn't have asked for; a step beyond my comfort zone that still felt true to my personality and wants. As it turns out, employing a laidback attitude about things can be cathartic, after all. Who would have thought?