Do guys like bangs on girls? We ask men if fringes make a woman look more attractive

Do guys like bangs on girls? We ask men if fringes make a woman look more attractive

Fringe benefits

Text: Emily Heng

Not that we need a man's approval on anything, really (do your tresses as you will and own it, ladies), but a certain thought has crossed our minds recently when we started noticing celebs getting bangs, and contemplated a chop — whether men find the hairstyle attractive.


That's right, we're talking side-swept, micro, and the straight-up curtains dusting your brows. Because we, as advocates of gender equality, have given our two cents on man bunsbeards, and socks with sandals (ew!), we thought we'll give the boys a chance to air their thoughts on the trendy things within our sphere. Do men love 'em? Hate 'em? Do they think they belong to kids aged seven and below (i.e. cute, not sexy)? When the Buro. beauty team polled the men in their lives to get the lowdown, the answers we got, for the most part, veered more towards total indifference ("If it suits her, okay lor") to complete obliviousness ("I don't notice hair that much"). Below, the best of responses.

"Yes. More hair to pull." — Perv

"It's a hard no for me — mostly because I once heard someone describe adjusting her bangs as 'fingering her bangs' and I just never got over it." — Card-carrying fringe-phobe


Staahp, already
"It's a niche market that people — or at least, unqualified ones — should stop trying to enter." — Sincerely, savage

Blind spot
"They're cute unless they're past the eyebrows. How am I supposed to know what she's feeling if I can't see her eyebrows?" — It's called auditory cues, but okay


"I believe you'll find that for a large number of men, 'bangs' do not exist. They are a concept that has never come to be in our universe. Many men know only ‘hair’." — Truly clueless

Who's that girl?
"Unless you're Zooey Deschanel, nah." — New Girl fanboy

E for...
"Depends on the type. Edna Mode style? Ick. Side swept? Eh. Piecey? Okay, can." —Everyone is a critic


Call me maybe
"Carly Rae Jepsen looks good with bangs. And if she can do it, so can every girl." — Can't tell if this is supposed to be insulting or a compliment, sorry CRJ.

Head space
"I don't like bangs because it covers the forehead. What are girls hiding under there?" — Who catfished this dude?


Natural goodness
"I think most guys prefer no bangs. Just, like, you know, because it appears more natural." —As if bangs don't sprout from your God-given scalp

Curtain call
"I think it depends on the girl but I mostly don't like 'em. I feel like I can't really see the girl's face, like there's a curtain covering it up." — Guy who probably has blinds over his windows


"Bangs are quite cute. But I don't think men care as much. No man has ever said to another man, "Dude, check out the bangs on her." You should be more worried about what women think." — Women support women in 2019, get with the programme

Snip away
"Love them. I think it looks really cute on a few women, and it's a good way for girls with large foreheads to style their hair. I've been in love since seeing Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer and always had a soft spot for cute women rather than the hot/sexy type." — Please name another celeb with bangs other than ZD, we beg of you