How to style your baby hairs: The best products, tools, and techniques to try

How to style your baby hairs: The best products, tools, and techniques to try

Work 'em wisps

Text: Emily Heng

As with most vanity-related pursuits, mane maintenance requires a monumental amount of effort. Ideally, the route to healthy, shiny tresses would be a straightforward one, and yet it is a path often hampered by humidity (hello, frizz central); heredity (thanks ma); and hubris (the time you attempted DIY bleach). At top of our list of hair hurdles to address? Baby hairs. More specifically, what to do with those wispy strands that are often responsible for the illusion of frizzy dishevelment, particularly when they're not styled right. From pomades to toothbrushes, here's a handy guide as to what you need — and what to do — to master this hairy sitch.

Always begin with wet strands

Start off by dousing your baby hairs with plain water. Ideally, it should be damp, but not soaked. We recommend a spray bottle so you can lightly mist at 'em. This will allow for easy maneuvering and moulding of the hairs at a later stage.


Blow out

It's best not to let baby hairs air-dry as there's no predicting how they'll turn out. Instead, pick up a blow dryer and run it through the strands. Hold said hairs in the direction you desire during the drying process, such as flat against the head or winged to the sides. Alternate between hot and cool settings to witness optimal results. Stick to warmer temperatures until hair is fully dry before switching to a cool temperature to ensure it holds its shape.


Reach for your trusty toothbrush

A tried-and-tested method amongst the natural hair community, it appears that a toothbrush's delicate bristles allow users to carefully weave and carve out patterns to their liking. We recommend first-timers bring their fingers to the mix too, and touch up upon areas that your brush could have missed. Practice makes perfect for this step, so keep at it until you've achieved the aesthetic of your choice.


Lock it all in with hairspray

We trust you hair buffs are well-aware of the condition of your mop. Those with fine, flaxen locks need something with a little bit more staying power, so a firm-hold type is your best bet. Those with a thicker, coarser strands, however, can get away a medium-hold spray. Don't go at it with the hairspray by spritzing at it straight through the nozzle though — spray it on the aforementioned toothbrush and re-trace the path through your hair.


Pack on the pomade

Slick those hairs down by applying a pea-sized amount onto the strands in question. You can use your fingers, but a toothbrush would probably give you more precision. Maintaining that fine balance between slick and, uh, greasy can be a challenge, but it is also easily combatted by regular mirror-checks of your hair throughout. Keep applying or stop as needed.


Wrap it all up in yards of silk

We've waxed lyrical about the miracles of silk once, A known reducer of frizzy, unruly locks, it's all you need to uphold that beautiful 'do of yours. Once you've got your baby hairs right where you want them, cover it in a silk wrap for 15 minutes to fully set the look.

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