How to cut curtain bangs: A step-by-step guide to giving yourself the hottest hair look of the season

How to cut curtain bangs: A step-by-step guide to giving yourself the hottest hair look of the season


Text: Azrin Tan

Image: Instagram | @hyeri_0609
Image: Instagram | @taeyeon_ss

Quarantine season had left us feeling restless, bored and possibly maddened enough to try weird TikTok stay-home ideas — some of  which, we probably regretted. And pretty high on that endless list of to-do things was snipping off our own hair, but who could blame us when our resident salons were all closed for what felt like forever? Whilst some online tutorials should have been taken with a pinch of salt, one TikTok hair (or fringe) trend might actually be here to stay, especially since some of our favorite faces are starting to don the look.

Unlike regular bangs, curtain bangs are longer; side swept to each side of your face; and most importantly — are comparatively low maintenance to other fringe variations. This longer style helps frame your facial features, thus narrowing a broader shaped face. It's a perfect go-to if you've been thinking of trying out bangs again but are afraid the usual fringe style won't make the cut.

So now...the most important question: how do you cut these curtain bangs we speak of? Of course, we're not about to abandon you here. You could always go to the salon, but should their appointment books be all filled up, here's a lil' helpful guide on how to DIY curtain bangs for the brave at heart.

1. Bring a significant portion of your hair to the front of your face.
Section hair off, and make sure you have enough to work with to get that textured, layered effect. You might want to tie or clip back the rest of your locks  so that it doesn't get in the way.

2. Begin partitioning your hair, and start from the middle.
Take a small chunk of hair from the direct middle and leave it out over your nose. Carefully push the rest of your hair behind both your ears first.

3. Cut this middle chunk to the tip of your nose.
Cut it straight! Don't angle it in any one direction.

4. Take two more small sections; one from each side of the hair behind your ears.
Be sure to take a little more than the first time around.

5. Cut these two sections to your lip line.
Again, don't angle it upwards, just cut straight.

6. Take the remaining sections of hair and cut it level with your chin.

7. Bring all of the cut sections together and then split it into two sides.
Try and split it down the middle so that each side has all three variations of the cut lengths from earlier.

8. Now, take each side and cut it at a diagonal angle.
Hold each chunk of hair from the shortest end down, to know where you'll be cutting diagonally upwards from. Remember to cut from the longer side inwards to the shorter side.

9. Cut any remaining loose strands on the sides to the longest length of the fringe.
Again, cut upwards in a diagonal fashion.

10. Use a hair roller or hair curler to give the fringe more volume when you're styling in the morning.
Curl the two sides of your bangs around your hair curler for about less than ten seconds -- this will give it a bouncy effect that lasts all day.