Hair extensions in Singapore: The different types, cost, and aftercare steps to note

Hair extensions in Singapore: The different types, cost, and aftercare steps to note


Text: Emily Heng

We're guessing there are many pros to being a celebrity. One of them, undoubtedly, is the ability to get away scot-free from many a disastrous beauty-related decision. Misspelled tattoos are a wave of a laser away; bleached, patchy brows restored thanks to semi-permanent embroidery techniques; and a bad haircut a distant memory by the next awards show.

The latter, it seems, is particularly prevalent as of late, with Joe Keery spotting longer locks just days after debuting drastically different looks thanks to bottles of pomade and styling gel, and Selena Gomez stepping out with significantly longer tresses by opting for a more conventional (and popular) route: hair extensions.

By adding instant volume, length, and oomph to locks, are these mane-lengtheners the answer to all our bad hair choices? We get the lowdown from salons that offer the service.

What are hair extensions, exactly?

Simply put, they are artificial integrations made of either synthetic or real hair strands that add fullness and length to your mane.

Real vs. synthetic hair extensions

According to Unice — the leading supplier of hair extensions in the US — the key difference between real and synthetic hair extensions lies in quality. Virgin, never-before-processed human hair comes with a preserved hair cuticle that maintains a soft, silky texture. It also blends or styles easier than synthetic options do, which can't always withstand heat styling and tangles easily. Of course, real hair extensions often come at a heftier price tag, costing up to several hundred dollars per bunch.

What are the different types of hair extensions?

The hair extension variants commonly employed in Singapore are the tape-in and fusion types.  For instance, Hera Hair Beauty, a hair salon in Singapore, employs both depending on the customer's hair and scalp. Tape-in extensions are exactly as they sound, where the extensions are secured to natural hair with transparent, double-sided polyurethane tape. They last four to eight weeks and make for easy removal where your stylist will spray the adhesive strip with a special solution to dissolve the glue and comb it out of locks in a matter of minutes.

Fusion extensions, on the other hand, are a little more complicated than that. Several strands or sections of hair are bonded together at the tip using keratin glue before it is fused to natural tresses using a heating wand. This allows for more flexibility and hair movement, and it appears more authentic as compared to tape-in extensions. They last longer as well, going up to four months depending on the individual's rate of hair growth.

There are also clip-in extensions (temporary), as well as sewn-in extensions (semi-permanent). The latter works where the underside of natural hair is braided in tiny rows and the extensions are sewn in with thread.

How much do hair extensions cost?

This depends on the type of extensions you opt for as well as the length and amount you request. Typically, they cost anywhere from $9 to $20 per bundle.

How long does the procedure take?

Tape-in requires 40 minutes to an hour, whereas fusion procedures take approximately three to four hours to apply.

Can everyone opt for hair extensions?

Anyone with fine, sparse hair should avoid this procedure as there would be no way to disguise or conceal the extensions.

Are hair extensions bad for your tresses?

Not if the correct methods, products, and maintenance protocol are used.

Is aftercare required?

Don't allow your roots to get oily as this can loosen hair extension bonds. Yvonne Seah, founder of Hairdreams Couture Salon, recommends that customers avoid using shampoos or hair products with alcohol or oil. It is also recommended that you do not aggressively pull, yank, or put hair in high ponytails as it may pull on the underside of the extensions.

When should you remove hair extensions?

Extensions should never be left in for longer than four months or after two inches of hair regrowth.

Where can you go for hair extension services in Singapore?

Hera Hair Beauty
Offering styling, bespoke colouring, and extension services, Hera Hair Beauty promises exceptional service and techniques that are sure to please even the most discerning of hair buffs.

Known for their extensive menu of services ranging from lash extensions to IPL hair removal, Milly's also offers customised hair extension services utilising 100% real human hair. Drop by one of their six outlets located island-wide for a consultation.

Hairdreams Couture Salon

Having first established themselves in Europe, Hairdreams Couture Salon arrived in Singapore in 2014 to launch their series of hair application, thickening, creation, and removal systems. Expect ethically sourced and healthy extensions alongside hair-loss treatments to give you the full, thick, and voluminous mane.