These hair tips from Percy & Reed will change your locks

These hair tips from Percy & Reed will change your locks

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Text: Renée Batchelor

We sit down for a blow dry and a chat with Percy & Reed's Adam Reed to learn his expert tips and all about the brand's amazing new cleansing product

Adam Reed, hair stylist extraordinaire and co-founder of Percy & Reed was in Singapore recently for the launch of the brand's new Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish. Inspired by the hair creams used for super curly hair — such as Afro-Carribean hair — Reed and his team created this sulphate- and detergent-free cleansing cream. Made of 97 per cent natural ingredients (including rose geranium, lavender and peppermint essential oils) this cleanses your hair and scalp in the gentlest possible way. While we were in Reed's capable hands for our blowout using the new product, we picked up some expert tips along the way.


Try a cleansing cream instead of a shampoo
The new Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish saves time in the shower as it's a shampoo and conditioner in one. Thanks to the gentle formula, the hair and scalp feels cleansed but not stripped. The ingredients also give the best of all worlds: the oils are cleansing, the eucalyptus gives it that lift and the fresh feel and aloe softens and moisturises the hair. Simply apply five to ten pumps on wet hair, comb through from root to ends, and thoroughly rinse out... no conditioner needed.

Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Cleanse & Nourish

Learn the right way to apply dry shampoo
With dry shampoo, you should spray it into the roots and lift the hair. Let it settle in and use a brush to pull it through the hair. The idea is that you're lifting excess oil and taking it away from the hair. You need to pull through the product, so that it doesn't leave patches of white residue behind. The brand also has a Dry Conditioner that acts as a softening product. This is a refresher for straggly ends. Simply spray it through the entire head and pull it through with the brush.

A hair primer will do wonders
Percy & Reeds Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm is an amazing product according to Reed. It nourishes the hair, and has anti-humidity and anti-frizz properties. Apply it on damp hair after you've shampooed and conditioned your tresses. Just like a primer for your face smooths out bumps and imperfections, this sets the hair and gets everything in tip-top condition before you start styling it. It makes the hair naturally smooth and weightless, with a nice gloss to it.


Wash super-curly locks as little as possible
Want to know the secret to awesome curls? Use the new Cleanse & Nourish, but wash your hair only every three days or so — the more you wash curly hair, the more it opens up. After washing, put in a generous dose of the the No Oil Oil for Thick Hair and comb it through with a wide-tooth comb. Then allow the curls to slowly form back themselves. As hair is drying, gently break up the curls with your fingers. If you've prepped hair with a good oil you won't need a finishing or styling product. But if your curls start getting gets fluffy in this weather, simply mist them with water and let the curls come back in.