Best wet detangling brushes to invest in: Wet Brush, Tangle Teezer, Drybar and more

Best wet detangling brushes to invest in: Wet Brush, Tangle Teezer, Drybar and more

No more tangles

Text: Crystal Lim

Editor: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @tangleteezer

We've heard this maxim from well-meaning hairdressers and self-proclaimed mane maestros countless times before: don't comb your hair when it's wet. And while there might be some truth in how this can leads to strand breakage and hair loss, it seems there are exceptions to the rule. For those in the dark, might we introduce: wet detangling brushes. The lowdown on this nifty little gizmo, below. 

What does it do?

As it is so aptly named, it is a hairbrush designed to detangle wet, snarled locks during showers and even post hair-wash. This boils down to the type of bristles found in wet hairbrushes, where they are mostly of an ultra-soft material that flexes and glides through clumps and knots. And that's not all: these bristles are also manufactured to gently massage your scalp with each brush, thus further stimulating blood flow and leading to healthier hair growth. Compared to regular hairbrushes with their hard, rigid bristles, it's easy to see how one's mane can get further gunked up as you comb through it.

Who is it for

It is suitable for all hair types, with there even being dedicated variants for chemically-treated, fine, and curly locks. The general consensus, however, is that this is highly recommended for those with naturally textured tresses and/or highly damaged hair.

How do you use it

It's a simple four-step process. First, begin by toweling your hair dry. Next, ease the brush into your mane and start detangling from the ends. Then, work your way up until you can glide your detangler through from your roots to the ends. Lastly, keep brushing downwards while following the shape of your head and your hair parting. Cleanse it frequently with a brush cleaner to maximise usage and replace every six months — or whenever the bristles are bent or damaged.

Types of wet detangling hair brushes available