Best salons in Singapore for a perm: Where to go, what to know, and how much to pay

Best salons in Singapore for a perm: Where to go, what to know, and how much to pay

Puff up

Text: Emily Heng

Terrible exes aside, there is no one that we harbour more of a complicated relationship with than our tresses. It seems that no matter its natural state, there is always something to grouse about. A lack of shine, a lack of moisture... and, of course, the ever-exasperating lack of volume.

Flat, lifeless locks can — sometimes — be combated with texturising sprays, hot rollers and... a whole lotta luck. For those not willing to leave it up to chance, though, there appears to be a more enduring solution on hand. The perm.

A far cry from the teased, tight curls of the yesteryear, perms of today vary from Gisele Bündchen's loose, beachy waves to Emma Stone's bouncy, pin-up girl ringlets. With options and styles abound, carrying full, voluminous locks on the daily is a lot closer of a dream than we think. Below, the best salons on our sunny island to help us achieve just that.



Chez Vous: Hideaway
Tucked away in a quiet corner of Ngee Ann City, this salon-sanctuary offers premium hair services like no other. Perms-wise, there is digital, cold, and root to choose from, all of which can be complemented with: complimentary scalp sanitising treatments (to reduce irritation), bond strengthening shots (to minimise damage to tresses when undergoing chemical processes) and a scalp smoothing serum (to calm and soothe before the hair dye goes on). In short? A luxurious, wholly pampering experience that leave tresses in a better shape than before.

Prices begin at $199 for a haircut and a single hair retexturising service. It is applicable for all hair lengths.



Salon Vim
Specialising in the loose, tousled waves sported by the likes of Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid, Salon Vim's one-of-a-kind direct perm technique puts 'em on the map. This supposedly low maintenance treatment only requires only one and a half hours spent in the chair — as opposed to the usual three — which makes it all the more optimal for lunchtime pop-bys.

Prices begin at $95 for a cold perm and $250 for tousled wave perm. May vary according to hair length.



Leekaja Beauty Salon
With more than 200 salons worldwide — and having attained top-dog status in Korea — it comes as no surprise that Leekaja Beauty Salon has built a solid reputation in Singapore, too. Expect subtle, tumbling curls with their C-curl, S-curl and Magic Setting perms, all of which creates volume whilst keeping locks smooth and shiny.

Prices begin at $150 for a cold wave perm and $240 for digital and setting perms. May vary according to hair length.


The Tokyo-based salon counts several influencers and celebrities as regulars, which, along with their extensive range of services — from extensions to scalp detoxes — help cement their status as an up-and-coming hair connoisseur. Their cold and digital perms have received nothing but praise from customer reviews thus far, and no one is more (sometimes brutally) honest than the public.

Prices begin at $150 for a cold perm and $220 for digital perms. May vary according to hair length.


Claiming to offer Tokyo's top class techniques and services, Covo's team of experienced Japanese stylists — all of whom have been in the industry for 10 years on average, mind — promises to deliver on hair of dreams, no matter the request. The varied list of services include fringe perming and volume rebonding, i.e. the technique that utilises rebonding on the top and perming at the ends to help create a stellar amount of volume. We're intrigued.

Prices begin at $80 for a fringe perm, $170 for a perm, $250 for a digital perm and $380 for volume rebonding. May vary according to hair length.