Best hair detangling sprays in 2020: What are they, how they work, and why you should use them

Best hair detangling sprays in 2020: What are they, how they work, and why you should use them

Knot today

Text: Azrin Tan

We're not one to overpromise, but there is something rather revolutionary about the detangling sprays of today. Gone will be the days of messy bed hair and worrying about having to quickly ease out clumps of tangles and knots before leaving for the day. No more tugging, no more pulling...and definitely no more accidentally ripping out a whole chunk of hair. While they're not exactly new entrants of the market, we're pleased to inform you that 2020's offerings have been updated for multi-purpose use, and thus are making a comeback.

And just so we're clear, there's actually no reason at all for you to be skipping out on this useful product — unless of course you're planning on ridding yourself of those healthy, cascading locks for good. You see, by utilising a formula that smooths out individual strands, you're creating less friction, thus making it easier to manage and comb through. But that's not all — the ones we're seeing around now do that, and more. Here's the lowdown on the most recent formulas.

What are the added benefits of detangling sprays?

Improves hair health

The most basic function of the detangling sprays aside, some of these sprays' ingredients actually work to restore damage and enhance the overall look and feel of our hair. Read: healthy shiny hair!

Extra conditioning (especially for dry hair)

Did you know that you could actually DIY your own hair detangler at home? Just as some of these home remedies actually just use a mixture of hair conditioner and baby oil, the market products also feature ingredients that deep condition your tresses for you. Since they're spray-ons, they're also fine to leave-in — acting as an all-day moisturiser for your hair.

Offers protection from heat and UV rays

In our hot and humid weather, most of us probably suffer from our hair frizzing up all the time. The spray could help with lessening the frizz, again reducing knots. On top of that, it does give your hair a layer of protection against those harmful UV rays. It's basically sunblock for those tresses.


The best picks of 2020

With the sheer amount of these sprays out on the market, we know it'll be a chore to have to go through all of them to decide what's good. So below; a decent list of some of these high-functioning detanglers that will have you combing easy through your locks in no time.

Pro tip: best applied when your post-shower hair is slightly damp after patting it down with a towel.