Best curly hair products for 2020: Garnier, Tigi, Wella, and more

Best curly hair products for 2020: Garnier, Tigi, Wella, and more

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If you're a long-time reader of Buro. Singapore, you'd know that we've discussed — at length! — about the discrimination faced by folks with natural hair, alongside the various mane-maintenance challenges they experience on the daily. To sum up our findings: most hair-related issues are attributed to the severe lack of stylists with the relevant knowledge pertaining to natural hair, as well as the shortage of products developed for those sporting textured locks. And while we can't provide much assistance with regard to the former, we can do something about the latter. Thus, this article was born; a amalgamation of styling advice and the best product line-up for you curly-haired lot, as told to us by those embracing their voluminous, full, and God-given curls. Let's get to it, shall we?

The one who wishes humidity would just go away

A huge challenge for me is getting my curls to maintain its definition. On the first day after washing, my curls are usually pretty tight and appear visually pleasing. By day two or three, though, it loses its shape and frizzes up. The humidity definitely makes the frizz worse because when I was in colder countries, I noticed it didn't look as staticky! I've tried hair gel to tame them before, but I felt that it looked too rigid and switched over to using Moroccan argan oil which helps tame the frizz overall. I think having curly hair in Singapore is pretty difficult because there's not a lot of options for us — in terms of both treatments and products — so I'm definitely hoping for more readily available ones in the future. Awaiting for change here, people.

The one who's been through a lot
My hair is always frizzy! I barely ever leave it down (even when I'm at home) because it gets tangled and messy. So it's always tied up, which sometimes makes me worry that it will end up thinning from the tension. As a teen, I had trichotillomania for a while. I would pluck out strands from my head that I found ugly or rough, and would end up with hundreds of strands on my floor every day. I've been trying different shampoos and conditioners, but none of them really work as well so far. Although I'd love to get nice and smooth hair like all the other girls with naturally straight hair, I think there's a part of me that still feels attached to my curly hair, so I've never tried rebonding. But I have considered (and still am considering) those keratin treatments in the hopes that it might treat my frizzy hair.

The one who actually knows what works for her
My curly hair is too wild, too dry, and almost untameable. I have tried straightening and rebonding to keep my hair straight, but the effects usually don't last for very long. The humidity makes my hair frizz up, especially the shorter strands that cannot be tied up i.e. along my hairline. So instead I've been finding an in-between solution of sorts: I'd perm the lower half of my curls so that it helps to lock a structure in. Conditioning is a must after shampooing, after which I will apply hair cream to lock in some moisture before quickly combing through it and tying it up (yes, while it's still wet because it's easier to manage in this state). I will then use hair sculpting lotion to lock the ends of my curled locks.

The one who just wishes there was an easy way out
I've tried using hair products, but I can't really seem to get into the habit of it because a lot of them tend to way too sticky, and I'm too lazy to try and put in more effort into this. The solution that I abide by currently is to just tie my hair up and not comb it (unless damp). Trying to comb it dry increases the frizziness of the hair and although it tames the hair a little more, it also makes it seem puffier. I have tried different brushes and sadly, they don't really work. So far, I think the most successful method for me is to curl your hair further using a curling wand, so that the overall curls appear neater.

The actual hair stylist (and hence, expert)
People didn't get that my curly hair was natural and well — if I may say, exotic — but they did notice that it was different, and I even got bullied for it before. I used to straighten my hair every morning using an iron because people used to tell me that they preferred the straighter parts of my hair. Humidity is really my enemy because it just makes my hair frizz up more, to the point that I've broken so many hair ties in the past! It doesn't help that most hair stylists in Singapore are not as familiar with cutting or dealing with curlier hair. As I grew older, though, I learnt to feel confident in my natural curly hair. Once I cut my straightened hair off, I never looked back! I use Wella's Curl Craft to shape my curls and I do Brazilian Blowout treatments for when I need to fight the frizz.

The guy who can get away looking good with messy curls
For me, a little clay or wax tends to take care of those rebellious curls! If I have any concrete advice, I'd say don't go to bed with wet hair, and if you wash and comb your hair, do it when it's wet. It'll provide a lot more results than you'd expect.

So... what products work?
Whilst some of them still have yet to find a solution that works for them, others seem to have it slightly easier maintaining unruly strands. Below, all the products they've tried, tested, and recommended.

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